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SNL': Host Tiffany Haddish Uses Monologue to Ask Where Her Girls Trip Money Is (Video)

Tiffany Haddish became the first Black woman standup comedian to host SNL during this weeks episode, and she spent her monologue talking about the success of her recent movie, Girls Trip. This movie made history, Haddish said. It made $100 million plus and Im trying to figure out, where is my cut of that money, because I havent seen it at all yet. And all my friends are telling me, Tiffany, youre big time, youre a star now, youre ballin out of control. And Im looking at my bank account like, Uh-uh.'   ...Read More... https://www.thewrap.com/snl-tiffany-haddish-monologue/

SNL Calls Out 'Sex Monsters' Louis C.K. and Roy Moore on Weekend Update

Saturday Night Live this weekend did not stay quiet on the subject ofLouis C.K.s sexual misconduct. Its well documented by now thatC.K. has admitted to several instances of sexual misconduct alleged by five women in The New York Times, who say that he masturbated in front of them without their consent. During Weekend Update, Colin [] http://tvline.com/2017/11/11/snl-weekend-update-louis-ck-sexual-misconduct-roy-moore-video/

How 'Saturday Night Live' Joked About Louis C.K.

'Saturday Night Live,' hosted by 'Girls Trip' breakout Tiffany Haddish, took on Louis C.K. and sexual harassment and assault during 'Weekend Update.'   ...Read More... http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/thr/television/~3/xqhKaHcz-nc/how-saturday-night-live-joked-louis-ck-1057339

'SNL': Michael Che Calls Trump "Vain and Catty" Over Kim Jong Un Tweet

But the 'Weekend Update' host admitted that, this time, Trump's "short and fat" tweet was "pretty damn funny."   ...Read More... http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/thr/television/~3/37vNeUfDuJA/snl-michael-che-calls-trump-vain-catty-kim-jong-tweet-1057341

Tiffany Haddish Pushes Buttons in 'SNL' Promo

The 'Girls Trip' comedian will host the Nov. 11 episode with musical guest Taylor Swift.   ...Read More... http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/thr/television/~3/0xv4tZtpQxI/tiffany-haddish-pushes-buttons-snl-promo-1056179

The Most Important Shows on TV: Week of November 6, 2017

Which TV series will your friends (and the entire internet) be talking about this week? Stay informed — or at least be able to fake it — with SideReel's weekly guide to The Most Important Shows on TV.   Grey's Anatomy (300th episode) Thursday at 8 pm on ABC Why: This week's Grey's is not just any old episode of the series. It is the show's 300th episode, which puts Grey's in a pretty elite group of primetime scripted series that have made it to that milestone, including NCIS , Law and Order (and SVU ), ER , The Simpsons , and CSI , to name a few of the more contemporary shows. Don't worry, this isn't another 2 hour episode where Meredith dies and comes back to life, although there are some stunts worthy of this special event, including new patients that so closely remind the team of George and Christina that they will "ignite memories of ghosts from their past." This episode is meant to be a gift for the fans, and will even include Izzie Stevens in spirit , which as any fan of the show would know did not part on the best of terms with the series or its creator, Shonda Rhimes. The episode as a whole will certainly be an emotional rollercoaster (and, apropos, features an actual rollercoaster, which is the source of the accident that brings in the look-a-like patients), intended as a love letter to the show's most loyal fans. Prepare to talk about: Which old songs they play; how much we miss Christina; how if we started watching this show when it premiered, we are officially old.   Saturday Night Live Saturday at 11:30 pm on NBC Why: This weekend's host is one of summer's breakout stars, Tiffany Haddish, from Girls Trip (although she has been acting for some time and some might already recognize her from her work on NBC's The Carmichael Show , among other series). While Haddish *still* might not yet be a household name, hosting Saturday Night Live is definitely a major step! Haddish - who we learned from Girls Trip is excellent at slapstick comedy - should be game for whatever SNL throws her way; this should certainly be one of the season's stronger episodes. Additionally, the musical guest this week is none other than Taylor Swift, who may not be able to come to the phone right now, but can definitely come perform on Saturday Night Live after dropping her new album "Reputation" one day prior! She'll almost certainly sing the polarizing "Look What You Made Me Do", but all eyes are watching (and ears are listening) for which other new songs she'll perform, as well as whether she also appears in a skit or perhaps a digital short. Prepare to talk about: How we still desperately need a new breakout cast member this season; how we want to be best friends with Tiffany Haddish; how we still can't get over how terrible "Look What You Made Me Do" is.   No Activity (Series Premiere) Sunday at 10 pm on Showtime Why: CBS All Access has not yet been promoting No Activity nearly as aggressively as it promoted the launch of Star Trek: Discovery earlier this Fall, but this is also an important launch for the network (they can't survive on just Discovery ). The series is the first original comedy for All Access, and is produced by big names Adam McKay, Will Ferrell, and Funny or Die. It's a cop-themed show, based on an Australian show with the same name, starring Patrick Brammall (series co-creator, who appears in the Australian version) and popular SNL-alum Tim Meadows. The guest star list is also impressive, including Ferrell, J.K. Simmons, Amy Sedaris, Mackenzie Davis, Jake Johnson, Jason Mantzoukas (who appears everywhere these days and is always completely hilarious), Jesse Plemons, and Michaela Watkins, to name just a few. CBS All Access is smartly debuting the series after the Fall finale of Discovery , and similar to Discovery , will then debut one new episode each Sunday night. Prepare to talk about: Who is Patrick Brammall, exactly?; If anyone will actually watch this series, even with all the talent behind it.   Rachel is the product manager of SideReel, and she loves Taylor Swift, but thinks all of her new songs released thus far have been garbage, except for "Are You Ready For It?", which isn't bad. div.post p { text-align: justify; }

Liam Hemsworth Joins Miley Cyrus on SNL for Surprise Appearance

Surprise! Liam Hemsworth made a cameo on NBC's SNL on Saturday, as his fianc Miley Cyrus was the episode's musical guest. The two appeared together as audience members and...   ...Read More... http://www.eonline.com/news/891724/liam-hemsworth-joins-miley-cyrus-on-snl-for-surprise-appearance?cmpid=rss-000000-rssfeed-365-tvnews&utm_source=eonline&utm_medium=rssfeeds&utm_campaign=rss_tvnews

Larry David-Hosted 'SNL' Resurrects Bernie Sanders Character

The show also featured a digital short with Aidy Bryant's Sarah Huckabee Sanders channeling Demi Lovato.   ...Read More... http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/thr/television/~3/_m3DVgWMYzI/larry-david-hosted-snl-resurrects-bernie-sanders-character-1055045

SNL: Alec Baldwins Trump Hits Shower With Manafort, Slams Harvey Weinstein

Alec Baldwin killed two birds with one SNL stone tonight, reprising his Trump to jab both the president and Harvey Weinstein. What an idiot, said Baldwin in character about the disgraced ex-Miramax honcho. He could have gotten away with all of it if only hed gotten himself elected president. See a short clip below. Unlike the real thing, Baldwins Trump was in the U.S. as Melania (Cecily Strong) and an Airplane -style inflatable Trump pilot headed to China. With Alex   ...Read More... http://deadline.com/2017/11/snl-alec-baldwins-donald-snl-saturday-night-live-alec-baldwin-harvey-weinstein-1202202000/

SNL's Trump Takes a Shower With Paul Manafort, Jeff Sessions, Mike Pence

Itll be hard to scrub the image of this weekendsSaturday Night Livecold open out of your eyes. After sending First Lady Melania on his trip to Asia with a very convincing lookalike, Alec Baldwins President Trump paid a visit to Paul Manafort, who is currently under house arrest following the indictment issued by Special Counsel [] http://tvline.com/2017/11/04/saturday-night-live-donald-trump-paul-manafort-shower-snl-cold-open-video/