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'Saturday Night Live' recap: Zach Galifianakis hosts a weird, terrific show.

After a dismal cold-open about President Obama's health-care reform during which the studio audience was quietly bored, as though it was attending an actual Obama health-care summit, Saturday Night Live perked up considerably with host Zach Galifianakis and his piano musings during the opening monologue, including: 'I've been in Canada, opening for Miles Davis,' said Galifianakis, then corrected himself: 'Kilometers Davis.' To Read More Click Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

'Saturday Night Live' - 'Jennifer Lopez' Recap

Someone at NBC or 'Saturday Night Live' sensed that you haven't thought about the music of Jennifer Lopez (no one calls her J. Lo anymore, right?) in about ten years, and in an effort to get "Waiting for Tonight" stuck in your head again, they brought her back. It was supposed to be some sort of double-whammy, a way for Lopez to promote her upcoming film, 'The Back-up Plan,' and her new album at the same time. But then her label dropped her about a week ago and all ten people that were paying attention simultaneously tugged at their collars and went, "Ooh, awkward." These same people sat through her musical performances during this episode and, mid-cringe, mumbled, "Well, y'know. Bless her heart for trying." All in all, this was a pretty mediocre episode. There were a few laugh-out-loud lines but none of the sketches were particularly stunning. In fact, a lot of the sketches started off pretty well but then stretched on too long or were killed by a terrible ending. None of the best moments came from Lopez's performance but she still did better than the likes of, say, Robert De Niro. And that is the only context in which that sentence would make sense. To Read More Click Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Review: 'Saturday Night Live' - Ashton Kutcher/Them Crooked Vultures

There was a different tone to this episode. The writing was a bit more ambitious than usual, going out on a limb a few times to tackle an idea that would require a little more work to get the laugh. It was admirable, sure, but a lot of the sketches still fell flat this week. It was strange. I also realize it's extra-weird if one considers my review of Ashton Kutcher's last stint on 'Saturday Night Live', in which I pondered out loud about whether or not he and the writers could have afforded to get a little wackier. Kutcher's enthusiasm was nice to watch but the episode really felt mediocre. Maybe the low end of mediocre. Is that even a thing? Well, it is now. Also: I usually manage to keep my eyes peeled back through all 90 minutes, but I fell asleep a record number of five times during the course of this episode and had to re-watch most of it later. Not awesome. All right, let's get to the break-down. Videos as they're available! To Read More Click here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Review: Saturday Night Live - Jon Hamm/Michael Bubl�©

The first time Jon Hamm hosted Saturday Night LIve, back in 2008, it was before I had seen his work on Mad Men and 30 Rock (the latter was due to the fact his guest appearances didn't exist at the time). I was super-excited that the seemingly perpetually serious Hamm actually turned out to be hilarious, and his performance led to one of the best episodes of the entire season. Taking all this into consideration, I was walking on dangerous ground as I prepared to watch Hamm's return to the SNL stage. Were my expectations too high to be met? Did Hamm's pre-SNL beard somehow take funny away from him (I've heard beards can sometimes do that)? As it turned out, I had absolutely nothing to worry about. Hamm did yet another stellar job as host, bringing a level of charm and commitment that made just about every sketch work. This initial delight in seeing Hamm do well quickly turned into frustration. People as handsome as Hamm shouldn't be allowed to be funny as well. That's almost personality greed. I mean, seriously, leave some action for the rest of us, jerk. To Read More Click here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Review: Saturday Night Live - Sigourney Weaver/The Ting Tings

First of all, Sigourney Weaver looks incredible. Believe it or not, she turns 61 this year, so that's something to think about as we slowly weep into our young but round, Cheetos-stained fingers. Secondly, Weaver managed to play a variety of characters that explored a wide range of wackiness, all without humiliating herself (it was a dangerous moment during that "Fifty and Freaky" sketch but we all knew Weaver's still a classy lady). The writing was pretty consistent and suited Weaver well, and it was fun to see her do so many goofy things. It's not often Saturday Night Live brings in someone that of her status. To Read More Click Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Review: Saturday Night Live - Charles Barkley/Alicia Keys

Charles Barkley isn't much of an actor. I knew that even as a little kid, when I saw him pop up in Space Jam for all of five minutes. If anyone was expecting to be blown out of the water by Barkley's performance, they really need to reconsider if their entire life is plagued by self-sabotage, as that was clearly a silly thing to hope for and a set-up for inevitable disappointment. Going in with low expectations made this episode easier to watch. There were a few points here and there where Barkley seemed more comfortable, and some of his pre-taped segments were pretty funny. Overall though, this wasn't a particularly memorable episode, apart from the fact it was bumped by over thirty minutes, thanks to something called the NFL. And yes, as a young person that isn't very well-versed in sports Space Jam is my go-to reference for Barkley. To Read More Click Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Review: Saturday Night Live - James Franco/Muse

I hope you all rolled a towel against the crack of the door before watching James Franco host. This was the most I've laughed at an episode in quite a while, but I am still not entirely sure if it's because watching for ninety minutes gave me a bit of a contact high. Okay, even if you argue that I'm inferring a lot because bits of Pineapple Express are still lingering in my brain, there's no denying Franco was definitely extra-squinty, extra-grinny, and was half-slurring, half-spitting his speech through most of the night. There was also a lot of making out. No man, woman or tree was safe. Or bong, I guess. Maybe. This was one of those few episodes where there was a clear willingness to be weird within the writing and a host that can pull off weird. It's a magic combination. Franco did wonderfully and worked really well with the rest of the cast (in some cases, maybe too well). I think the show knew that too, because they wasted no time bringing on Franco, throwing him right into the Lawrence Welk cold open. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Review: Saturday Night Live - Taylor Lautner/Bon Jovi

Hello, Twilight fans. I know you're only here because of your screaming hearts, thudding so hard that every beat is a case for internal bruising. I'm going to be upfront: I don't like Twilight. I tried reading it before it was a "thing" because my friends recommended it to me and I found myself struggling to get through it because, well, even then I knew it was embarrassing. I also watched the film, which I thought was very funny, though I realize that was probably not the intended effect. That said, I thought Taylor Lautner did a great job. See? I'm not just swimming in haterade. Obviously, I wasn't prepared to like him, but just like Blake Lively from last week, Lautner delivered a strong performance. He seemed really comfortable throughout the entire episode and was surprisingly natural, more natural than some of the actual cast members at some points, at least in terms of blatantly looking at cue cards. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Review: Saturday Night Live - Blake Lively/Rihanna Season 35 Episode 8

I will be perfectly honest: I was not at all looking forward to this episode. A few months ago, I had forced myself to watch two seasons of Gossip Girl for blogging purposes (okay, it was also an excuse to stare at their fantastic costuming), and I couldn't bring myself to continue. One of the reasons why I disliked the show so much was Serena, Blake Lively's character. However, I'm happy to say I was pleasantly surprised by this episode. Lively was minimally awkward and brought great enthusiasm through the entire evening (though not an exhausting amount of zeal Joseph Gordon-Levitt style). I liked how it didn't seem Lively went on the show with a mission (apart from showing off her crazy legs); she didn't try to show off her musical side, cling to strictly "pretty girl" skits, or get controversial. She was just there, having a good time. Also, for the most part, the writing was solid this week. Probably the most consistently funny installment in quite a while. Even the strange treatment of the Cold Open (with the Obama party crashers) was adorable. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Saturday Night Live': Hosted by Gerard Butler and beer. Actually, mostly just by the beer.

It was a great night to be a beer-drinker or the kind of person who always loved watching the bloopers at the end of Smokey and the Bandit movies. Anheuser-Busch sponsored most of Saturday Night Live this week, to promote its Bud Light Golden Wheat brand. The beer company also introduced never-before-seen dress rehearsal outtakes from earlier SNL seasons - the company was as much the host of the show as Gerard Butler was. If you'd been yearning to see a 1998 clip of Will Ferrell laughing while sitting on a donkey, this was your week. The rest of the time, you probably needed to drink a lot of the sponsor's product to find much else that was funny. The weekly cold-open attempted to find something funny about President Obama resulted in Dwayne Johnson making a return cameo as The Rock Obama, hulkingly asking things like, 'Why health care bill no have public option?' To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now