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James Franco Channels a Kid and Adam Lambert on 'SNL'

James Franco ended "Saturday Night Live" 2009 run on a high note when he appeared as the host on Saturday, December 19. The "Spider-Man" actor brought out the laughter with sketches and digital shorts in which he participated in a Mexican talk show, kissed a man in lips, and wore pajamas while dancing. In his opening monologue, Franco said to the audience that it was his second time hosting the show. He also talked about his latest stint, "General Hospital", which many thought is a set back. Revealing that he makes career choice based on random suggestions, he brought out the rolling machine and started taking out the papers. Among the suggestions was "playing dead body in 'Law & Order'." The sketches he did involve him donning a mustache to appear as a cheating boyfriend to a Latina actress played by Jenny Slate on "The Manuel Ortiz Show". Every time a guest is in or out of the couch, the cast have to dance a salsa. While the emphasize was on the tiring dance, nothing much was covered during the talk. There is also a time when Franco put on a stripped pajamas and sang to "Jammies". But the kids show took a wrong twist when the "kids" were given blades, pills and time to kill each other in the dark. The biggest bomb of all was a skit where Franco acted as a college student who brought home his new girlfriend to meet the family the first time. Apparently Franco came from a family with a strong Public Display of Affection quality. Bill Hader gave little brother Franco a big wet smack and Franco later on gave Will Forte who played his granddad an x-rated man-on-man kiss. While it was a major prime-time shock, this is not the first time Franco is seen kissing another guy. He played Sean Penn's gay lover in Oscar-winning "Milk". The PDA sketch is sort of a spoof of Adam Lambert's American Music Awards act where the singer kissed his male keyboardist during the impromptu. Other highlights from the variety show are Mike Tyson participating in "What Up With That" and a spoof of Snooki from MTV's "Jersey Shore" during Weekend Update. Source & Video