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Alec Baldwin Ties Saturday Night Live Hosting Record

No would want to follow Betty White's turn on Saturday Night Live, but veteran host Alec Baldwin stepped up to the challenge by closing out Season 35 -- and in the process tying Steve Martin for hosting the most times. The 30 Rock star celebrated by phoning his recent Oscars co-host and It's Complicated co-star via satellite. He then delivered a revised version of his New York University commencement address to succinctly wrap up the season. Watch it here: Source & Video

Alec Baldwin 'SNL' promos arrive, bring the funny

The first promos for the Alec Baldwin-hosted season finale of Saturday Night Live are here. Watch them after the jump. He reveals the show's cliffhanger, twists Will Forte's nipple (that explains why Forte was smiling at the start of the take, he knew what was coming), and finds a way to plug MacGruber that doesn't feel forced at all. Yes, he really is a pro. Source & Preview

What Did You Think Of Betty White On Saturday Night Live?

It's no news that Saturday Night Live has been hurtin' in terms of quality content lately. In fact, the show's main attraction is hardly even the comedy itself anymore, because, well... the laughs are definitely lacking. For the past season, the show has seemed to serve more as a chance to watch certain celebrities crash and burn (ie: Ke$ha), to see if a guest SNL alum will magically take the show back to its old higher standards, or to find out if Taylor Lautner really will take his shirt off for the sake of "comedy" (he didn't -- I'm still pissed). In some cases, most of the unenthusiastic chuckles come from how awkwardly terrible some of the skits are, or just how desperate the comedians are to get a laugh. No, scratch that -- to get a reaction. Any reaction. Seriously. Have you seen that one recurring sketch with the overly-affectionate family that just makes out with each other for the duration of skit? Am I supposed to be giggling or gagging?! The short of it is, as the rest of the editorial team and I concluded over our morning recap chat, the show is (and always will be) only as good as its writing. You can equip yourself with as many celebrity comedy kings or past SNL superstars that money can buy, but there's only so much "funny" you can inject into base material that's just plain lame. This theory couldn't be demonstrated any more perfectly than it was this past weekend. Much-anticipated funny-girl legend Betty White in cahoots with an arsenal of former SNL favorites (Molly Shannon, Maya Rudolph, Rachel Dratch, among others) certainly served as an improvement from that god-awful Ryan Phillippe episode a couple weeks back, for example, but it wasn't... good . Don't get me wrong, I elicited a few willing LOLs, and MacGruber was actually entertaining for once with some added Betty flavor, but most (if not all) of the episode's comedic value relied solely on the fact that it was a sweet old lady making sexual innuendos. Sure, it's kind of funny, but if I really wanted to be entertained by an hour-and-a-half's worth of old lady crassness, I'd just sign into my old AOL account and read some nonsensical e-mails from Grandma. Personally I think Betty's a lot funnier than the material gave her credit for; in fact, I much preferred watching her Snickers commercial cameo from the Superbowl, which they conveniently re-played during commercial breaks last Saturday. What did you think of the Betty White episode? Did you think it showed some promise for the future of the show, or does it just prove that SNL is plummeting farther and farther downhill? Weigh in below.

Video: Jay-Z's Performance on 'Saturday Night Live'

Jay-Z gave an 8-minute performance on "Saturday Night Live" in the episode where Betty White was tapped as a host for the first time. Dressed in white T-shirt, biker vest, jeans and Timberland boots, the rapper delivered a medley of his five hit songs on Saturday, May 8 and a closing song later in the evening. Introduced by White herself, Jay-Z began with "Public Service Announcement" before moving forward with "On to the Next One", "99 Problems", "Me and My Girlfriend" sans Beyonce Knowles and "Empire State of Mind" sans Alicia Keys. However his protege Bridget Kelly provided the voice for Keys' part in "Empire". To Read More Click Here .

Betty White Scores Golden Ratings for Saturday Night Live

NBC can thank Betty White for being a friend and bringing in big numbers for Saturday Night Live. White's SNL hosting debut was the No. 1 telecast of the night, topping prime-time programs, and netted an 8.8 rating/21 share to post the late-night sketch-comedy show's best numbers in 18 months, according to early estimates. The Nov. 1, 2008, episode, hosted by Ben Affleck with appearances by then Republican presidential candidate John McCain and Tina Fey as Sarah Palin, drew a 9.0 rating/20 share. To Read More Click Here .

Betty White Sweet and Sassy as Always on SNL Debut

Betty White made her much anticipated Saturday Night Live hosting debut and challenged Alec Baldwin's Schweddy Balls for double-entendre naughtiness. Though Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Molly Shannon, Maya Rudolph, Ana Gasteyer and Rachel Dratch all returned, each seemed eager to cede the spotlight to White, who appeared in every sketch. Resurrecting NPR's "Delicious Dish" with Shannon and Gasteyer, White dropped by as baker Florence Dusty to show off her signature muffins. "My muffin hasn't had a cherry since 1939," White deadpanned. To Read More Click Here .

7 Things to Watch Out for When Betty White Hosts Saturday Night Live

Betty White has popped up everywhere lately - she's in movies and on award shows and in a Super Bowl commercial and, of course, on Craig Ferguson's couch - but the one place she never thought she'd wind up was hosting Saturday Night Live. "Well, at my age, I'm an old broad. ... I said, 'I'd rather watch it than do it,'" she recalls of her initial reaction to the invitation to host. Her agent, though, really wanted her to do it. "To be invited to do a show as current and choice as Saturday Night Live, he thought would be a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a different direction to go in," she says. Besides, is there anyone as current and choice as the resurgent White? Joining White - who at 88 will be the show's oldest host ever - for the Mother's Day-themed episode will be musical guest Jay-Z and six former SNL players: Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Molly Shannon, Maya Rudolph, Ana Gasteyer and Rachel Dratch. To Read More Click Here .

Who Will Join Alec Baldwin on Saturday Night Live Season Finale?

Alec Baldwin now knows who'll join him for Saturday Night Live's season finale. NBC announced Wednesday that the 30 Rock star will have Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers as his musical guest on the May 15 season-ender. It will be Petty and the Heartbreaker's eighth appearance on SNL - and first live performance since the Super Bowl halftime show in 2008. The band is releasing its 11th studio album, Mojo, on June 15 and will tour this summer. Source Here

'Saturday Night Live' Gabourey Sidibe promos: Can she do funny?

I found myself unexpectedly chuckling as I sat here watching the set of four just-released Saturday Night Live promos highlighting Gabourey Sidibe’s hosting gig this coming weekend. Before seeing them, I was questioning Sidibe taking the starring role on the comedy show: Is she a big enough star? Is there enough fodder for the writers? Heck, is she funny enough? But with these promos - which you can watch below - I feel like at least the last question is cleared up, as Sidibe deftly joked around with cast member Andy Samberg, imploring him to take off his pants at one turn. Enjoy here: To Read More Click Here .

Tina Fey's Sarah Palin Takedown on Saturday Night Live

On her return to Saturday Night Live, Tina Fey resurrected her Sarah Palin impression to once again lampoon the ex-Alaskan governor. And, well, don't look for the ex-governor to turn up anytime soon as a guest on 30 Rock. Wearing a classic Palin updo, a black leather jacket, and an American flag pin, Fey previewed a new slate of programming on the fake Sarah Palin Network. The programs included Tea Party Wheel of Fortune, Are you Smarter Than a Half-Term Governor, Dateline: To Catch a Levi Johnston, and Hey Journalist, I Gotcha!, which used re-edited news footage to show Palin outsmarting Katie Couric. To Read More Click Here