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Saturday Night Live Preview: Tiny Fey & Justin Bieber!

First off, unfortunately this Saturday's musical guest Justin Bieber does not actually appear in this Saturday Night Live promo clip... but he will be performing live, I assure you, much unlike his American Idol fake-out last week. Those of you who nostalgically long for the "good ol' days" when Tina Fey still did "Weekend Update," you will be thrilled that she's back for a guest visit this week (though I'm sure it's more for promoting her new "Date Night" film than it is for fond reminiscing). What we all want to know is: will the Sarah Palin skit make a comeback? Rumor has it that it will... but I'll believe it when I see it! I'd much prefer that than the terrible skit they do nowadays with the overly-affectionate (and incestuous) family that makes out with each other. Check out the hilarious promo clip below for a peek: SNL Promo

Video: Jennifer Lopez Showcasing New Songs on 'SNL'

In addition to spoofing Rihanna in a digital short, Jennifer Lopez also took the stage to entertain the "Saturday Night Live" viewers with her live performances on February 27. She acoustically sang two tracks, "Starting Over" and "Pieces" both of which are supposedly taken from her new album "Love?". In previous news, Jennifer Lopez has confirmed that the new record will still be released despite her departure from Sony Music Epic Group. In a statement, she said about having found a new home to drop the album which is due for summer release. There is no official word what label she has been signed to, but rumor suggests she is in talks to seal a deal with Island Def Jam. She was rumored to have met the label's CEO L.A. Reid at the Grammys after-party last month. Source & Videos

Ashton Kutcher Punks With Dave Grohl in 'SNL' on His Birthday

Ashton Kutcher went from "Punk'd" to punk during a guest hosting stint on U.S. TV skit show "Saturday Night Live" when he joined musical guest Dave Grohl as part of an aging hardcore band performing a song called "Fist Fight in the Parking Lot" at a wedding. Kutcher also mimicked Mel Gibson on Saturday's February 6 show and played the pool boy lover of a 110-year-old woman. The actor celebrated his 32nd birthday on the show by ripping off his trousers to reveal leopard-print briefs. He said, "Happy birthday to me. There's no better way to spend my birthday." Ashton Kutcher has previously hosted "Saturday Night Live" on April 12, 2008. At the show, the 32-year-old actor dressed up as a giant chocolate bar with clown face and killed people in horrible way for a sketch titled "Death By Chocolate". Source Here

Jon Hamm's bare-faced 'Saturday Night Live' promos

"Mad Men" star Jon Hamm returns to "Saturday Night Live" on Saturday, Jan. 30. Hamm, who cut these two teaser promos with his co-star Elisabeth Moss' husband Fred Armisen, actually startles us at the end there. Hamm recently appeared with a beard at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, where "Mad Men" won for best ensemble in a drama series. It seems he shaved for "SNL," but depending on his hair growth rate, he could look different once Saturday rolls around. He does, after all, have many faces. Source & Preview

Sigourney Weaver Mocks Herself on 'Saturday Night Live'

Sigourney Weaver showed off her singing and comedy skills on late-night TV in America on Saturday night, January 16 - and even poked fun at herself during her second "Saturday Night Live" guest hosting stint. The actress played a vertigo-suffering nightclub singer trying to get down from atop a piano, an Eastern European darts player, a member of disco-era duo Amber & Cream and she even recreated her characters from "Aliens" and "Avatar" for hilarious skits. But the highlight of her appearance on the weekly U.S. comedy show came when she had a laugh at her own expense. Weaver pretended to be obsessed with online comments from bloggers about her and her films during a dinner party at her home. Chuckling about the fact one internet image clearly showed her nipple, she said, "Do you think men are gonna masturbate to this? Do you think women will?" She also took aim at a fictitious critic, who wrote, "Sigourney Weaver is an old horse face who be straight up nasty (sic)." The actress raged, "That's a terrible thing to write... I should slap her. I should slap her in her b**ch mouth... I'm taller than most women, I could really mess her up. I'm Sigourney frigging Weaver." She concluded the show by paying tribute to "my dad" Sylvester "Pat" Weaver the former president of NBC - the network on which "SNL" airs. The actress started the show by displaying a shot of her as a child with her parents backstage at the studios where the comedy program is shot. Source & Video

NBC Releases Sigourney Weaver SNL Promo

Fresh on the heels of Avatar, actress Sigourney Weaver is taking her new 3-D sci-fi game to Saturday Night Live, as Weaver steps onto the SNL stage this week as host of SNL. In the new Saturday Night Live promo clip, Avatar star Sigourney Weaver educates SNL regular Bill Hader on her long list of credits and this week's musical guest, The Ting Tings. Although Sigourney Weaver is known for roles in some of the most popular films of all time, including Avatar, Weaver can also hold her own when it comes to SNL comedy. In the Saturday Night Live promo clip below, SNL fans soon learn that Bill Hader isn't familiar with the career of Sigourney Weaver. In comedic fact, Hader has no idea of the movie when Sigourney Weaver does a dramatic take on the line, "I ain't afraid of no ghosts." Bill is just as lost when Weaver refers to her Ripley character from Aliens, saying, "Get away from me you bitch." Check out the new SNL promo clip and mark Saturday, January 16 on your calendars to see Sigourney Weaver host Saturday Night Live. Source & Preview

'Saturday Night Live': Charles Barkley, Sigourney Weaver first 2010 hosts - Featured

Saturday Night Live knows how to ring in the New Year - with hosts Charles Barkley and Sigourney Weaver. "SNL" is back on Jan. 9 with former NBA star Charles Barkley as the host. The "round mound of rebound" is known now for his great sense of humor in commercials and on the golf course. This won't be his first time hosting, either -- Barkley hosted the 1993 season premiere of "SNL" with musical guest Nirvana. Joining Barkley for his second go-round is musical guest Alicia Keys, hopefully performing new songs from her album "The Element of Freedom," which dropped on Dec. 15. For the Jan. 16 show, Avatar star Sigourney Weaver joins studio 8H, along with musical guest The Ting Tings, who are nominated for a Best New Artist Grammy. We have two requests -- "SNL" star Kenan Thompson does a mean Charles Barkley impression so we'd like to see that, please. And if there isn't a Sigourney Weaver "Ghostbusters" sketch, we are going to be extremely upset. We don't care if they already covered it when she hosted in 1986 (thanks, Alert Commenter Gatekeeper) -- we'd like to see it again. "Are you the keymaster?" Source

James Franco Channels a Kid and Adam Lambert on 'SNL'

James Franco ended "Saturday Night Live" 2009 run on a high note when he appeared as the host on Saturday, December 19. The "Spider-Man" actor brought out the laughter with sketches and digital shorts in which he participated in a Mexican talk show, kissed a man in lips, and wore pajamas while dancing. In his opening monologue, Franco said to the audience that it was his second time hosting the show. He also talked about his latest stint, "General Hospital", which many thought is a set back. Revealing that he makes career choice based on random suggestions, he brought out the rolling machine and started taking out the papers. Among the suggestions was "playing dead body in 'Law & Order'." The sketches he did involve him donning a mustache to appear as a cheating boyfriend to a Latina actress played by Jenny Slate on "The Manuel Ortiz Show". Every time a guest is in or out of the couch, the cast have to dance a salsa. While the emphasize was on the tiring dance, nothing much was covered during the talk. There is also a time when Franco put on a stripped pajamas and sang to "Jammies". But the kids show took a wrong twist when the "kids" were given blades, pills and time to kill each other in the dark. The biggest bomb of all was a skit where Franco acted as a college student who brought home his new girlfriend to meet the family the first time. Apparently Franco came from a family with a strong Public Display of Affection quality. Bill Hader gave little brother Franco a big wet smack and Franco later on gave Will Forte who played his granddad an x-rated man-on-man kiss. While it was a major prime-time shock, this is not the first time Franco is seen kissing another guy. He played Sean Penn's gay lover in Oscar-winning "Milk". The PDA sketch is sort of a spoof of Adam Lambert's American Music Awards act where the singer kissed his male keyboardist during the impromptu. Other highlights from the variety show are Mike Tyson participating in "What Up With That" and a spoof of Snooki from MTV's "Jersey Shore" during Weekend Update. Source & Video

'SNL' Video: Taylor Lautner on Edward's Team

As the first from "Twilight" pack to host "Saturday Night Live", Taylor Lautner did an impressive job of making fun of the film, Michael Jackson and football quarterback. The actor managed to deliver good one-liners during his opening monologue and drew laughters on several sketches that saw him donning blonde wig and also dressing in "Team Edward" shirt. Lautner kicked off the night by greeting the audience with "It's great to be here hosting 'Saturday Night Live. I remember when 'SNL' first started, I was negative eighteen at the time." He also made fun of his role in "The Twilight Saga's New Moon" who was portrayed shirtless most of the time. "I took my shirt off a lot. Too much, in fact. Even Matthew McConaughey told me to cool it," he said. Toward the end of the monologue, Lautner said he regretted not being able to stand up for his rumored-girlfriend Taylor Swift when Kanye West interrupted her speech at this year's MTV Music Video Awards. "What I really wanted to do was this," he said before giving a mannequin of the rapper a karate chop. Lautner did several mediocre skits that had him posing as a nervous quarterback named Phil Pomeroy, playing a husband to pregnant Abby Elliott, and being one of four choir singers named Mikash. But the greatest laugh was placed at the end of the night when Lautner played Marianna, a high-school teenager obsessed with Edward Cullen. Jenny Slate played his lab partner who was on Team Jacob. "How can I ever trust her scientific conclusions if she prefers Jacob to Edward?" Marianna said. "Jacob smells like a wet dog!" Lautner also made out with a Robert Pattinson notebook and said that Jacob's abs were technology-boosted. "If those abs were real, then the dude who played Jacob deserves an Oscar," he said. Source & Video

Taylor Lautner is pretty adorable in his SNL promos

Here is what I know about Taylor Lautner: 1) He is in New Moon, the second film in the über-popular Twilight series, but instead of a sparkly vampire, he plays a werewolf. 2) Lots of ladies like seeing him with his shirt off, and 3) Said ladies feel dirty afterward because he's only 17 and they are... slightly older than 17. Lautner is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, and NBC has just released two short promos that he did with Kristen Wiig, and it looks like they're trying to bond. In the first one, Wiig talks about how she used to think that she was a werewolf, and in the second, Lautner tells Wiig that he really likes her-- because she reminds him of his mom. Aw, poor Kristen Wiig. A lot of non-teen Twilight fans know how you feel. I've never actually heard this guy speak before, but he seems downright adorable, so I have high hopes for his episode. His alleged girlfriend, Taylor Swift, was on last month and gave audiences what was arguably the best episode of the season, so hopefully she gave him some pointers. Source & Promo