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Helen Mirren Steams Up 'Saturday Night Live' With Risque Skits

Helen Mirren  turned up the heat on Saturday Night Live this weekend when she locked lips with a Marilyn Monroe impersonator for a passionate same-sex smooch.  The Queen star was the guest host on Saturday's episode, which celebrated the actress' busty figure in a series of risqué sketches.  Mirren's opening monologue saw her serenaded by SNL's male regulars in a modified version of  There's Nothing Like a Dame  from the musical South Pacific, during which they claimed she was "exactly like the Queen", prompting the actress to quip, "Have you ever seen Caligula? I'm in the orgy scene!" Read More... //www.starpulse.com/news/Casey_Johnson/2011/04/11/helen_mirren_steams_up_saturday_night_

'SNL': Helen Mirren Gets Saucy, Pokes Fun at 'The Kennedys' Inaccuracy

Being 65 years old did not stop  Helen Mirren   from exploring her sex appeal on " Saturday Night Live ". The Oscar winner had a lesbian kiss and let two girls grope her breasts on April 9. But one of the most talked-about parts is perhaps a skit in which she took a jab at   mini   series " The Kennedys ".   Introducing a fake series called "The Roosevelts", she portrays Eleanor Roosevelt who turns out to be a lesbian. She shares a passionate smooch with   Marilyn Monroe   who is played by Abby Elliott. The parody also claims that Eleanor forced Adolph Hitler to start World War II and personally ordered the bombing of Pearl Harbor while topless.    Read More... //www.aceshowbiz.com/news/view/00039655.html

Helen Mirren Brings Her Magical Bosom to Saturday Night Live

Helen Mirren was certainly game during her first hosting gig  on Saturday Night Live . The Dame let castmate Nasim Pedrad feel her up and later shared a steamy liplock with Abby Elliot. This week's digital short focused entirely on Mirren's "magical bosom." When Mirren allowed Pedrad  to touch her breasts, she received visions of everything from the inspirational sports movie Rudy to Neil Armstrong's walk on the moon in 1969. Nasim even sees Jesus (played by Andy Samberg), who calmly explained that the Oscar winner's breasts "exist in... //www.tvguide.com/News/Helen-Mirren-SNL-1031675.aspx?rss=breakingnews

'SNL': Helen Mirren tried...

You can’t say Helen Mirren didn’t give it her all. She kissed a girl, she pole-danced, and she allowed two cast members to grope her chest, all while floating above an edition of  Saturday Night Live  that was so light on laughs, the entire 90 minutes might best be viewed as an experimental pilot for a new, post-comedy  SNL . The week’s Digital Short consisted of the adulation of Mirren’s breasts, which were fondled fondly by Nasim Pedrad and Kristen Wiig. Mirren is known to be justly proud of her upper balcony, but this pride, and Pedrad’s imploring, "Can I touch ‘em?", weren’t enough to really sustain the entire segment. Read More... //watching-tv.ew.com/2011/04/10/saturday-night-live-helen-mirren-foo-fighters/