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Saturday Night Live Recap: Zooey Deschanel, Kooky on Schedule

From her vanity band to her website to her vintage wardrobe, Zooey Deschanel has firmly established her public image as the ultimate girl. And based on the sketches she agreed to do in her Saturday Night Live début, she's not that interested in dismantling the persona she's built — for instance, by doing anything that made her appear unattractive or gross or mean. (Contrast Deschanel's roles in the episode with those undertaken by, for example, the fearless Melissa McCarthy last fall.) As a result, the episode was entirely boring, and only barely funny, but — and know that I was grading on a major curve — I did find a few highs amid the many lows. (At least we have Maya Rudolph to look forward to next week!) Best Cameo: "Get In The Cage" has been a nice recurring showcase for Andy Samberg's Nicolas Cage impression, and gives visiting movie stars a venue to show their faces when they have movies to promote. So naturally, the week before the Ghost Rider sequel premieres, who should Get In The Cage but...The Cage? Read More... //www.vulture.com/2012/02/saturday-night-live-recap-zooey-deschanel.html

SNL Recap: Zooey Deschanel Hosted Episode Features Brief Tribute to Whitney Houston, Lots of Clint Eastwood (Video)

  Saturday Night Live  did not have much time to prepare a tribute for  Whitney Houston , whose death was announced hours before the show went on the air.  SNL  acknowledged the loss by running  a picture of Houston  and former  SNL  cast member  Molly Shannon.  Read More... //feedproxy.google.com/~r/thr/television/~3/nMjqCeYfW28/snl-recap-whitney-houston-zooey-deschanel-nicolas-cage-289677

Recap: 'Saturday Night Live' - Zooey Deschanel and Karmin

HitFix's Ryan McGee recaps/reviews the February 11 episode of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Zooey Deschanel and featuring Karmin as musical guest. //www.hitfix.com/blogs/monkeys-as-critics/posts/recap-saturday-night-live-zooey-deschanel-and-karmin