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'Saving Grace' Series Finale Comes Full Circle

After three years on the air, TNT's Saving Grace ended last night in an episode that I'd define as mostly good but open to a bit of interpretation from the fans. Saving Grace was a complicated television drama that followed Grace Hanadarko, a police officer in Oklahoma City, who had a dark side that included heavy drinking, smoking, and plenty of recreational sex. But despite these and other flaws the character was well loved and had a good heart. The series opened three years ago with last-chance angel Earl (portrayed flawlessly by Leon Rippy) asking Grace if she was ready to give her life to God. Last night's finale came full circle and answered that question. (Warning - spoilers on the finale after this point. Read with caution). In the past, the series has typically had very strong episodes, and their timing throughout each season has been perfect. However, during this final season, specifically these last three episodes, it seemed rushed and a bit disjointed. For me, it impacts the finale a bit, and lowers the high standard the show has set before this point. To Read More Click Here .

'Saving Grace' season premiere: Heaven-sent? Season 4, Episode 1

I like shows with surprising settings, where religion isn't a punchline, and friendships seem organic and normal. I like shows about bad behavior. I like shows with a sense of humor. I like shows about women. Unsurprisingly, I like Saving Grace, even if last night's season premiere was a bit too on-the-nose. As far as setting up the final run, though, 'Let's Talk' set a very clear tone: It's showdown time. To Read More Click Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

No Definitive Road Map for 'Saving Grace'

Grace Hanadarko and the rest of the gang returned last monday night for the third season of Saving Grace and left viewers wanting more. The season opener found Grace (Holly Hunter) employing Ham (Kenny Johnson) in a haphazard scheme to make contact with a young drug addict and this resulted in a shootout that left the addict critically injured while Ham was robbed of his badge and gun. After seeing Saving Grace's season opener, fans are becoming more curious about what's in store for the rest of season 3. Producers have promised that the new season will begin to reveal a portion of what God's plan is for Grace, as well as Earl's part in it but Hunter reveals that the series doesn't have a specific direction---proving that the possibilities for this show are endless. "The third season is developing even as we shoot it, which is another really exciting thing about the show," Hunter said. "There are large themes that we want to discuss and approach, but I would say there is no definitive road map." For the role of Grace, Hunter has won a Gracie Allen Award for Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series in 2007 and has been nominated for an Emmy, a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Lead Actress. As for cast member Bailey Chase, whose character Butch Ada just announced his engagement to a local TV news reporter, he reveals that fans can look forward to more unexpected twists as Saving Grace heads further into the season. "The writing has been great, offering some twists and turns for the ensemble will keep you guessing. Butch looks to change his bachelor ways. Maybe," Chase said. "It's looking like another great summer season on TNT ." Fans can catch a new episode of Saving Grace every Tuesday at 10pm on TNT. Source Here

She can do better Saving Grace does need SAVING

I think she is a Pig. She makes police woman look so bad. You can live life and love life without screwing everyone you run into. She has no limits which means she has no morals or ethics. How can someone like her in true life protray a cop. Cops do have some morals and ethics or they wouldn't care about us. Some maybe cold and caulus but she is trying to be like a man and she is like a man. She is a PIG like a man is. She has an angel, in all God's grace why would an angel watch her have sex, unless he was a fallen angel. She is the reason Solomn and Golmaith was burned down. I use to watch it hoping that she would become a real person because I like HOlly Hunter. But she is still a Pig and now a bigger PIG than before. Is trying to snare God and religion? Is she showing that there is no God? That is why she is a bigger PIG than before? This show will soon be cancelled because the speech she gives about loving life, people and everything is contrary to what she does on the show. She walks around like she has a good body, she has a childs body not a womens. I hate having to put her down but she has put down what is left of what we think of Angels and God. Why would she do that? Holly you a bigger and better than what you are protraying, pls do better show better. Lia lwithall@gmail.com

saving grace


Saving Grace

watch Saving Grace online if you have not been able to catch it on TV. This is a great series but definately one of those shows you want to watch back to back episodes of, in that way very similar to the series 24

Great show

Love, Love, Love this show. Holly Hunter is excellent in this character. I have always liked her as an actor and now it's a great time to watch her every week. How lucky are we? Great job. And the men are not bad too look at. ;)

Saving Grace: Season 2 Review, by David Hinckley of New York Daily News

This will be good news to people who enjoy watching train wrecks in which the engineer accelerates as the precipice nears, which is Grace's signature move. The question is whether at some point the show will start applying the brakes to the most self-destructive TV cop since Andy Sipowicz started drinking again on "NYPD Blue." On the one hand, Grace probably has to be reined in, because even if her game of Russian roulette is only figurative, eventually she will pull the trigger too many times. On the other hand, Grace's reckless excess is the center post of the show. A clean-and-sober Grace, living by society's rules in her private life and by the department's rule in her professional life, is a bit player in a Hallmark movie. So that may be the real ongoing theme of "Saving Grace," season two -- whether Grace will start to clean up her act. To read the rest of this review, visit New York Daily News: Bad behavior is this cop's 'Saving Grace'