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TV Stars Get Extreme FaceApp Makeovers

If you haven't seen terrifying versions of your friends pop up in your Instagram and Facebook feeds, it's only a matter of time. FaceApp is the latest photo-manipulating tool letting anyone with a smartphone conduct extreme makeovers on themselves, their friends, their enemies, or, in our case, celebrities. That's right, after terrorizing each other , we're turning the app toward some of the SideReel community's favorite shows to see what the stars would look like at different ages and as different genders. Good news, Game of Thrones fans! Arya Stark lives forever!   That hair really works for Old Lady Daenerys.   Staying at HBO, here's a still from the future reboot of Girls , which we hope is better than the Kimmel spoof.   Turn that frown upside down, Momma.   Of course Marnie looks great.   This is actually too real. Lady Clay is a stunner.   Here's a sneak peek at Season 35 of Grey's Anatomy . Spoiler: there is another plane crash.   Where are the flaws, though? THERE ARE NONE.   Nothing to fix here.   Next season on Scandal , the new obstacle facing Olitz is time-travel shenanigans.   Another unsuccessful attempt to find a flaw.   This Is Us, if by us you mean Angelina Jolie and Minnie Driver's love child.   Nothing strange about an aged-up Winona.   The face Barb was always supposed to have. p { text-align: justify; }

Portia de Rossi Explains Why She Left 'Scandal'

Scandal season 6 opened with the death of the president-elect, but it turns out that was the second most shocking death the season had in store. In "Trojan Horse" another major Scandal character met another brutal demise as Portia de Rossi's Elizabeth was murdered in front of (now) new President Mellie Grant. In a statement released to TVLine Portia talked about her character's death and assured fans that the decision to leave Scandal was all her own. ...Read More... //

Scandal Hires Hit the Floor Alum McKinley Freeman for Guest Role (Exclusive)

Hit the Floor alum McKinley Freeman has booked a guest starring role on ABCs Scandal, TheWrap has learned. Details about Freemans Scandal character and storyline are unknown, but heis set to appear on the Kerry Washington-ledseries in an upcoming episode later this season. Freeman previously starred on the VH1 cheerleading drama for three seasons as Derek Roman. He is next set to star on the networks upcoming Daytime Divas. He also stars in and produces the upcoming feature Illicit, and recurs on the Tyler Perry OWN series If Loving You Is Wrong. ...Read More... //

'Scandal' Bids Farewell to Major Character With Brutal Death

Series creator Shonda Rhimes and the latest casualty have spoken up after the shocking death in the new episode of the ABC series. ...Read More... //

Scandal 100th Episode Sneak Peek: Jake Is All About Rigging Elections

  Scandal 's alternate-reality 100th episode will look at what life would be like had Olivia ( Kerry Washington ) never rigged Fitz's ( Tony Goldwyn ) election. And now we know what spurred her to wonder "what if?" In our sneak peek of Thursday's milestone hour, Jake ( Scott Foley ) tries to convince Fitz and ...  ...Read More... //

Scandal Pilot Revisited: Can You Handle How Much This Show Has Changed?

It may be hard to believe, but there was once a time in Scandals storied history whenOlivia and Fitzs relationship was stilla secret, Abby wasntfunctionally drunk with power,and the name Jake Ballard meant nothing to anyone. Ahead ofThursdays milestone 100th episode (ABC, 9/8c) which is set in a what if? reality whereDefiance never rigged [] //

Kerry Washington Reveals the One Thing From Scandal's 100th Episode She Just Had to Keep for Herself

It's not every day that a TV series hits 100 episodes. So when your series does manage to hit that most special of milestones, a few things are guaranteed. Your network will throw you... ...Read More... //

Scandal First Look: Who Is Olivia Marrying in the 100th Episode?

  Would Olitz be living happily ever after if Olivia hadn't rigged the election? That's certainly what the promo for Scandal 's 100th episode implies. The hour will take place in an alternate reality , exploring what life would be like if Olivia ( Kerry Washington ) had just said no on that plane eight ... ...Read More...   //

Scandal: Connie Britton Was Almost Olivia Pope, Y'all

  ABC had a very different idea of Olivia Pope in mind, y'all. After Scandal was ordered to series in 2011, creator Shonda Rhimes received a call from an ABC executive about who should play the white hat-wearing fixer. "I got a phone call from somebody who said, 'This would be the perfect show for ...Read More... //

'Scandal': Will Olivia Follow Fitz to Vermont?

Fitz is dead set on putting his library and his future in Vermont but Abby basically squashed his dreams when she told him, "Olivia is never going to Vermont with you" on Thursday's Scandal episode. Though it stings, Abby has a point considering the mess the pair has been through over the course of six seasons. However, it sounds like all hope is not lost for "Olitz." ...Read More... //