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Kerry Washington, Nathan Fillion Join Cast of Cars 3

Kerry Washington, Nathan Fillion, Lea DeLaria and Lewis Hamilton have joined the voice cast of Cars 3, Disney announced Thursday. They join the previously announced cast ofOwen Wilson, Cristela Alonzo and Armie Hammer. Washington will voice Natalia Certain, a statistical analyst; Fillion voices Sterling, a brilliant businesscar, and DeLaria will voice Miss Fritter, a local legend. Hamilton vill voice Hamilton, a built-in voice command assistant to Alonzos character, Cruz Ramirez. ...Read More... //

Scandal: Scott Foley Laments Jake's Marriage ('He Doesn't Even Like Her'), Mulls Possible Future With Olivia

If you thought Mellie and Fitzs marriage was fraught with tension and lies, just wait until you spend an eveningwith Mr. and Mrs. Ballard on Thursdays Scandal (ABC, 9/8c). The revealing episode shines a harsh light on Jake and Vanessas wedded life if you can even call it that as the couple prepares for [] //

TV’s Most Badass Women

Some lead the charge on the battlefield and others more covertly fight the enemy. Some have superhuman powers and others rely on mental strength. Some wield swords and others wield pens. But they all have one thing in common: they are among TV's most badass female characters. (Since the mid-'90s or so; we had to cut it off somewhere.) 15 of Television’s Most Badass Women Launch Slideshow Let us know who you'd add to this list in the comments below. p { text-align: justify; }

Scandal Main Characters Ranked By How Shady They Are (Photos)

Scandal is known for being scandalous (duh), but the show wouldnt have its notoriety for being so without its shady characters. So weve got the definitive ranking of how shady all the main characters of Scandal really are. Eli Pope POPPA POPE IS SHADY AF!!! Theres really nothing we can say that will exemplify how shady Eli Pope is. Combine all the manipulative characters into one and youd probably get a third of how truly twisted Daddy Pope is. ...Read More... //

Scandal & Greys Anatomy Leading Ladies Welcome Catch Star To TGIT In New Shondaland Promo

Shondaland leading ladies Kerry Washington and Ellen Pompeo welcome The Catch star Mireille Enos to ABCs TGIT lineup in a new popcorn and wine-filled promo. Walking down the street, donning a black trench coat, Enos says, "Hope I haven't kept you waiting," as she slips into silky pajamas. "Welcome to the party," Washington says to Enos, pouring Olivia Pope's drink of choice: red wine. The Scandal star, along with Grey's Anatomy' s Meredith Grey toast to Alice Vaughan   ...Read More... //

Scandal Star Breaks Down Cyrus' 'Dehumanizing' Prison Experience, Previews Future Nightmares

In one of the most twisted episodes of Scandal to date, Thursdays episode sentCyrus tohell (and prison) and back buthes not out of the woods just yet. Though the pseudo-bottle episode ended with an incarcerated Tom recanting his story to Cyrus (as another prisoner strangled a nearby guard to death with his own damn [] //

Could 'Scandal' Feature the First Openly Gay President?

Jeff Perry talks with THR about Cyrus' arc this season amid the presidential assassination storyline. ...Read More... //

Scandal's Jeff Perry on That Confession Twist: Cyrus "Sees a Way Out of This"

  [WARNING: The following story contains spoilers about Thursday's episode of Scandal . Read at your own risk.] Cyrus Rutherford Beene is innocent -- and so is Tom. In the final minutes of Thursday's Scandal , Tom ( Brian Letscher ), while being strangled by Cyrus' ( Jeff Perry ) new prison buddy Ralph ( ...Read More... //

Scandal Star Scott Foley Under Fire After Trump Tweet Saying We Did This

Scandal actor Scott Foley is catching some flack on Twitter after tweeting that we are responsible for President Donald Trump. This. Is. our. President. We chose him. Yes, we, Foley tweeted , and Twitter descended. Foley, it should be noted,tweetedthe message after several others wherein he criticized Trump, saying, Ranting and raving. Also, a bully. Uranium. Nuclear weapons. And lots of other bad stuff Not good. But Twitter was laser-focused on what it took to be some kind of support for the President, flooding Foleys timeline with outrage. ...Read More... //

Scandal's Jeff Perry Talks Cyrus Behind Bars: 'He's Thrown Into Survival Mode'

Scandal has already burned its share ofOMG moments into our memories Fitzs assassination attempt, Olivias abortion and Hucks adventures in waterboarding, to name just a few and Thursdays episode (ABC, 9/8c) will addseveral more to the pile. Following Cyrus arrest last week, we now findthe vice president-elect in prison, where hes thrown into [] //