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Scandal's Killer PEOTUS Twist: ABC Boss Stresses, 'It's a Fictional Story'

During its Season 6 premiere on Thursday night, ABCs Scandal presented an election night scenario which, in these delicate times, perhaps raised an eyebrow or two especially if it had aired as originally scheduled, one the eve of Donald Trumps inauguration. Soon into the season opener, which was filmed six months ago, it was [] //

Scandal's Election Results Were More Twisted Than We Ever Could've Imagined

Warning: The following contains spoilers from the season six premiere of Scandal. If you haven't watched yet, you may want to bookmark this page and return once you have. Proceed with... ...Read More... //

Where Did We Leave Off on Scandal?

If you don't remember what happened last season, here's a quick refresher.   ...Read More... //

Scandal's Season 6 Premiere Is Worth the Wait, Kerry Washington Promises

The power of Shonda Rhimes is strong. Even when the Scandal creator isn't in the room, the reach of her notoriously secretive approach to upcoming plotlines can not be denied, as seen... ...Read More... //

Scandal's Cornelius Smith Jr. Takes the E!Q: 17 Things to Know About Olivia Pope's Newest Gladiator

Being a Gladiator is no joke, but at least Cornelius Smith Jr. is having a blast wearing the uniform. The actor plays Marcus Walker, the newest addition to Olivia Pope & Associates on...   ...Read More... //

'Scandal': A Guide to Where Things Left Off and What's Ahead in Season 6

The Washington, D.C.-set political soap returns from its long hiatus Thursday. ...Read More... //

Scandal: Will Marcus and Mellie Get Together?

Scandal: Will Marcus and Mellie Get Together? ...Read More... //

The Most Important Shows on TV: Week of January 23, 2017

Which TV series will your friends (and the entire internet) be talking about this week? Stay informed — or at least be able to fake it — with SideReel's weekly guide to The Most Important Shows on TV.   Riverdale (Series Premiere) Thursday at 9 p.m. on The CW Why: This is the network that airs critically beloved shows about a virgin who was accidentally artificially inseminated and a lawyer whose cross-country move to be near her summer camp boyfriend is accompanied by imagined musical numbers. So if anyone can pull off a dark take on the traditionally wholesome premise of Archie Andrews and friends, it's The CW. A sort of Twin Peaks / Dawson's Creek / Veronica Mars hybrid, this buzzed-about comic book adaptation is not your parents' Archie. Yes, Betty and Veronica both have the hots for the all-American boy, but they also have their own interesting, complicated friendship that is really the heart of the show. Miss Geraldine Grundy is around, but she's 30 years younger and very into her students in a not-so-great way. Oh, and Archie’s dad is Luke Perry. With a student's suspicious death kicking things off, the show's first season will balance typical teen drama and potential murder mystery. Prepare to talk about: Who will become the show's breakout star (my money's on Camila Mendes); how meh the guys are compared to the shows' outstanding female characters.   Scandal (Season Premiere) Thursday at 9 p.m. on ABC Why: ABC pushed back Season 6 to midseason to accommodate Kerry Washington’s pregnancy, so it's been about eight months since Shondaland's version of Election Day. It only takes about 10 minutes to find out who wins. Mercifully. Because while the details aren't the same, watching another close election may be a bit too much for some to bear. After determining whether Mellie Grant or Francisco Vargas will become the next U.S. president, the show jumps around in time with different characters to fill in some blanks. There's plenty of Olivia Pope realness, some classic Huckelberry Quinn banter, a more comfortable and more power-hungry Abby, and an explosion, natch. Prepare to talk about: How Scandal will now be an escape from the increasingly shocking reality of Trump's D.C.; Cyrus' claim to the title of TV's most infuriating character; all the little ways Kerry Washington's pregnancy is hidden.   Z: The Beginning of Everything Friday at 3 a.m. on Amazon Why: Like her onscreen sister (in Mermaids ) Winona Ryder (stick with me here), the past decade hasn't been particularly fruitful for Christina Ricci. There have been plenty of projects, but nothing truly outstanding or long-lasting. But just as Netflix's Stranger Things resurrected Ryder's career, this Amazon production could kick-start things for Ricci. The pilot for Z: The Beginning of Everything actually debuted in November 2015 (along with Good Girls Revolt and One Mississippi ) to mixed reviews, but most critics praised Ricci, who may not initially seem like the perfect Zelda Fitzgerald, but who does, in fact, nail the role of the emotional, explosive, stylish, complicated socialite and artist. The season follows the Fitzgeralds from their first meeting in Alabama through their climb to the top of New York City's literary world, showing the beginning of their many marital woes. Prepare to talk about: How underrated Christina Ricci is; whether Amazon will give this show more time than Good Girls Revolt to build an audience.   T.J. DeGroat is the editor of SideReel. He's a total Veronica. Follow him on Twitter . p { text-align: justify; }

'Scandal' Sets Darby Stanchfield-Directed Web Series Ahead of Season 6 (Exclusive)

'Scandal: Gladiator Wanted' marks the star's directorial debut as the six-episode series marks a promotion for nearly all involved behind the scenes. ...Read More... //

Scandal Picture Preview: Did Mellie Win the Election?

Did Mellie win the election? That's the key question as we head into Scandal Season 6 Episode 1 and it sure seems like ABC wants us to think Mellie won. On top of that, you can expect a whole lot of heartbreaking scenes for Olivia and Fitz, but could a relationship be back on the cards? ...Read More...