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'Scandal': Olivia and Fitz are TV's most dysfunctional couple

"Scandal" has really, really gone all in on the star-crossed romance between President Fitzgerald Grant and his former campaign staffer/mistress Olivia Pope in recent episodes. They're so romantic, so destined, so ... toxic.Yes, toxic. Their feelings for each other are intense, yes, but lately it seems all Olivia (Kerry Washington) and Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) do for one another is bring out the other's worst qualities. Their relationship has tipped way over from the flawed-but-hot to downright creepy in the second half of this season.It's gotten to the point where Mellie (Bellamy Young), who's been painted as an ice queen/Lady Macbeth type from day one, is becoming the sympathetic one in this twisted triangle. We were actually kind of rooting for her to lay bare Fitz's affair with Olivia in Thursday's (May 2) episode.We've learned this season that Olivia was complicit, if not active, in rigging the voting machines that put Fitz in the White House.... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/05/scandal-olivia-and-fitz-are-tvs-most-dysfunctional-couple.html

SCANDAL: FRINGE’s Jasika Nicole on Playing Kim, Fandom Response, and the Possibility of Returning

For five seasons, Jasika Nicole was woefully underrated (and underused) on FRINGE, so when she appeared on SCANDAL last week, television viewers got to see a whole new side to her: Nicole’s character, Kim, was revealed via flashbacks to be Huck’s wife…and the mother of their son. Unfortunately for Huck, his bosses didn’t approve of [...] //www.givememyremote.com/remote/2013/05/02/scandal-fringes-jasika-nicole-on-playing-kim-fandom-response-and-the-possibility-of-returning/

'Scandal's' Tony Goldwyn on directing his co-stars: 'They teased me a lot'

Tony Goldwyn loves acting, indicated by his current success as ever-troubled President Fitzgerald "Fitz" Grant on "Scandal."He also loves directing, confirmed by his movie work on Hilary Swank's drama "Conviction" and Ashley Judd's romantic comedy "Someone Like You."Thursday (May 2), he combines those careers as the director of ABC's newest "Scandal" episode, in which he also has considerable acting time as Fitz deals with fallout from dual personal dilemmas: crisis-management expert Olivia Pope's (Kerry Washington) latest rejection of him, and first lady Mellie's (Bellamy Young) threat to expose that affair if he stands in her way of leaving with their infant son."I was a little surprised when I read the script," the friendly Goldwyn admits to Zap2it of discovering how much acting he'd be doing while also directing. "I thought, 'Well, OK. Take a deep breath.' It turned out great, though. It was really fun to have that challenge."Goldwyn had a sense it would be... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/05/scandals-tony-goldwyn-on-directing-his-co-stars-they-teased-me-a-lot.html

Scandal Season 2 Episode 20 “A Woman Scorned”

Scandal (ABC) "A Woman Scorned" Season 2 Episode 20 airs Thursday, May 2 (10:02-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. Synopsis: Scandal Season 2 Episode 20 "A Woman Scorned" – The team continue their investigation into the mole and make a shocking discovery in the process. Meanwhile Fitz orders Jake to continue to protect Olivia, who is still very much in danger, and back at the White House Mellie’s ultimatum forces Cyrus into the role of "fixer," on "Scandal," THURSDAY, MAY 2 (10:02-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. READ MORE...

Scandal Episode Promo: Hell Hath No Fury...

After far too many weeks without a new episode, Scandal returned last night with yet another pulse-pounding winner, as " Seven Fifty-Two " gave us a look into the sad backstory of Huck. Next Thursday, meanwhile, the team will continue its investigation into the mole, only to stumble upon a shocking discovery; while Fitz will order Jake to continue protecting Olivia. Read More... //www.tvfanatic.com/2013/04/scandal-episode-promo-hell-hath-no-fury/

Scandal 2.20 Preview: Who Offers to Help Mellie?

Mellie Grant is the most powerful person in Washington. Although she may not have the stature in title, she sure does in influence, as it's been her political savvy that has dug Fitz out of several potential crises and slapped a fresh coat of paint over his family man image. The Scandal First Lady has proven time and again that she's not going to be content with being the good wife and looking the other way while her husband does as he pleases; what Mellie wants is power and she's been acquiring the political capital ever since setting foot in the White House, waiting for a chance to use it all at once. READ MORE...