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'Scrubbing In' sneak peek: Watch Adrian and Heather bond over why they became nurses

MTV's controversial new docu-series "Scrubbing In," which debuted last week, follows a group young, energetic travel nurses assigned to work at two Orange County, CA hospitals for short-term contracts, away from their hometowns and comfort zones. Together the nurses continuously balance a demanding, rewarding career while maintaining a personal and social life ... but for some nurses, finding that balance has been difficult.In this Zap2it exclusive clip from Thursday's all-new episode, "Tipsy Love," Adrian and Heather being to form a friendship and confide in each other about why they became nurses. Adrian also discusses how overcoming the stereotype of a male nurse has been tough.Watch the exclusive sneak peek video below: MTV ShowsAlso in the episode, Tyrice feels ostracized by the other girls and is on the verge of calling it quits. After Heather gets flirty with Adrian, her boyfriend Dalton shows up on a group wine tasting trip, and the other nurses question... //