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Tonight's TV Hot List: Wednesday, March 17, 2010

* Scrubs (8/7c ABC) The hospital sitcom wraps up its ninth season, which introduced a host of fresh blood in the cast. It's been a long and tough first few months for the med students, but the semester is finally coming to a close. With the end in sight, the students gain new perspectives as Cole recognizes his true calling and Lucy finally finds her inspiration. * Human Target (8/7c Fox) Winston and Guerrero have forgotten more about Christopher Chance than we'll ever know, but the only person fully aware of Chance's capabilities is the man himself. And that's what worries our hero when a visiting foreign VIP is in grave danger tonight: The would-be assassin is Chance's former protege. In fact, he's so concerned that he taps FBI agent Emma Barnes (Emmanuelle Vaugier, from the episode "Embassy Row") for help in stopping him. (Oh, and maybe he's just a wee bit attracted to her, too.) * Ghost Hunters (9/8c Syfy ) Paddy Reilly's Irish pub is investigated in New York City regarding apparition sightings. Also: the team probes intimidating rooms in the Harriet Beecher Stowe House in Hartford, Conn. * Gary Unmarried (8:30/7:30c CBS) This comedy starring Jay Mohr and Paula Marshall concludes its second season with a big surprise for Gary: It looks as if Gary is not as unmarried as he would like to be. There's a little matter of actually filing the divorce papers. This could be a disheartening situation, but for Gary it's his best bet at reclaiming some items Allison has been holding hostage. * Ugly Americans (10:30/9:30c Comedy Central ) If you think your job is a nightmare, wait until you see what mild-mannered New York City social worker Mark Lilly has to endure in this new animated sitcom. Of course, this cartoon version of the Big Apple is home to freaks, demons, zombies and just about any fantastical creatures you can dream of, and it's Mark's job to help the city's immigrants assimilate. But in the premiere, he faces his toughest task yet when he starts a fling with his demon boss at the Department of Integration. Source Here

Will 'Scrubs' Officially End After This Week's Episode?

So there's only one episode left for the first season of Scrubs [Med School] aka Scrubs season 9 aka The New Scrubs aka The Proof that Scrubs Can't Die. But ever since it began, we've always wondered how long it will last. Now that the finale's nearing, we need some answers. It's time series creator Bill Lawrence speak out, and finally admit that we should not expect more Scrubs after this season finale airs. Unless of course it gets resurrected again, which would be likely if only he had his way. "In my heart and head I felt like Scrubs ended last year," he told E! Online during the Paley TV Festival. "This year was a bit of a spinoff, but I really liked it, I liked what they did. They worked really hard." We do agree about the conclusion of J.D.'s story in season 8, and we also agree that season 9 has its strong points. Unfortunately, they may not be enough to give the show another installment. Bill Lawrence weighed in on the show's chances and said, "I say it's a one in 10 chance that it's going to be on after the next two weeks." To Read More Click Here .

Scrubs Officially Dunzo? Creator Bill Lawrence Weighs In on the Show's Fate - E!Online

With just one more episode left in its arsenal, Scrubs 2.0 appears to be winding down, but is it really, truly ending this time around? At first we were skeptical about its season-nine revival--the whole notion of an entirely new cast and Zach Braff-less episodes left us scratching our heads--but it ended up being a hilarious twist on the original and we instantly fell in love. But now that show staples like Donald Faison and Sarah Chalke have booked other pilots, it's time to consider that tough question once again: Is Scrubs finally saying sayonara? If show mastermind Bill Lawrence has his way, "Scrubs is going to be on forever"... Sadly, Scrubers, while Bill is hopeful for a lifelong run of our favorite funny docs, it's highly unlikely at this point. "In my heart and head I felt like Scrubs ended last year," Bill told us before the Cougar Town panel at the Paley TV Festival. "This year was a bit of a spinoff, but I really liked it, I liked what they did. They worked really hard." Having said that, the brilliant brain behind the long-running series is anticipating its end. "I'm always very honest," Bill said. "I say it's a one in 10 chance that it's going to be on after the next two weeks." Sigh. So what's next? Aside from Cougar Town (which we highly recommend you watch after Modern Family on Wednesdays), Bill has big plans for Scrubs. "Scrubs is going to be on forever. We'll come do it at our garage," he teased. "For anybody that's a huge fan, I'm still going to be doing it in my backyard at least once or twice a week, if they want to come." We tried to pry an address out of him, but Bill kept mum. What a tease! Are you sad to see Scrubs coming to an end? Are you already aboard the Bill Lawrence train and tuning in to Cougar Town? Let us know below, and don't miss what looks to be the final episode of Scrubs Wednesday, March 17, at 8 p.m. on ABC. Read More: E!Online - Is Scrubs Officially Dunzo? Creator Bill Lawrence Weighs In on the Show's Fate

TV Tonight: What's On Wednesday 3/10

We have a fantastically full TV night ahead! Scrubs returns with its probable last few episodes ever on a new night and time, America's Next Top Model and High Society premiere, Ugly Betty returns, and Psych has its finale! Check out all that's new tonight: 8/7c America's Next Top Model on The CW - Season Premiere! Scrubs on ABC - Hiatus Return, All New Day & Time! Mercy on NBC Human Target on Fox The New Adventures of Old Christine on CBS 8:30/7:30c The Middle on ABC Gary Unmarried on CBS 9/8c Modern Family on ABC American Idol on Fox Criminal Minds on CBS Law & Order: Special Victims Unit on NBC The Real Housewives of Orange County on Bravo 9:30/8:30c High Society on The CW - Series Premiere! Cougar Town on ABC 10/9c Ugly Betty on ABC - Hiatus Return! CSI: NY on CBS Psych on USA Network - Season Finale! Real World: D.C. on MTV Shear Genius on Bravo 11/10c The Daily Show on Comedy Central 11:30/10:30c The Colbert Report on Comedy Central What will you be watching?

Tom Cavanagh Returns to TV

Tom Cavanagh will star in ABC's new pilot Edgar Floats, Entertainment Weekly reports. Cavanagh (Ed, Eli Stone) will take on the title role, a police psychologist by day and a bounty hunter by night. Alicia Witt (Law & Order: CI) and Robert Patrick (The Unit) co-star. The drama comes from Life executive producer Rand Ravich. Source Here

Sneak Peeks - Scrubs 9.12 "Our Driving Issues"

Scrubs has been off the air since the end of January, but a new episode will be airing on March 10 (after that, the season finale will be airing on March 17). ABC has released 4 sneak peeks for the new episode, which are posted below. COLE AND KELSO FIND SOLACE WITH ONE ANOTHER WHEN REAL FRIENDS ARE HARD TO COME BY, ON ABC'S "SCRUBS". To Read More Click Here .

Scrubs: Dave Franco Chosen for Details' Next Leading Men of Hollywood

Even though Scrubs won't be back until March, our sources have provided us with some Dave Franco news to tide us over. There may be some who don't like how he's played out on the ABC comedy, but it looks like he's going to hit it big sometime soon. At least, that's what Details magazine believes. Young actor Dave Franco has been chosen as one of seven celebrities who could be next big things in the entertainment industry. He's been named part of "The Next Generation of Hollywood's Leading Men," which definitely is an honor for this young star. We recently reported that this 24-year-old Scrubs star has landed a pretty sweet photo shoot with the clothing line "Band of Outsiders." Still, there are more projects in store for Dave Franco. One day, you may even forget his role as actor James Franco's little brother. Even he wants that to drop that. To Read More Click Here .

Cancellation Buzz: Donald Faison Cast in CBS Pilot; Is Scrubs Over? - Featured

Donald Faison is trading his hospital scrubs for a police badge. The Scrubs alum has been cast in the CBS pilot The Odds, has confirmed. Faison will play the show's lead homicide detective. The cop series, set in Las Vegas, comes from Joel Silver (Moonlight) and Jeff Wadlow (The Tower of Babble). Reps for Scrubs told that Faison's casting will not affect this season since production has concluded. The Bill Lawrence-produced series will not know until May if it will be picked up for another season. Faison was attached to a pilot last year and still made his way back to the ABC series. Do you want Scrubs to be renewed? Source Here

'Scrubs' Return in March Confirmed, But No News of Renewal - Featured

It's been a Scrubs -less February for us fans, and it still looks even bleaker when March comes. There are only two episodes left this season, but there doesn't seem to be any decision regarding the fate of the re-imagined series. The Futon Critic reports that ABC has already confirmed the schedule for Scrubs [Med School]'s return. They've been putting off airing the last two installments since January, and have only recently announced the upcoming schedule for them. Scrubs will be returning on March 10 at 8pm with "Our Driving Issues," and again on the Wednesday after (that's March 17) with the season finale "Our Thanks." The network announced last month that they planned to move the show to Comedy Wednesdays, hoping to give it better ratings that way. Since it didn't push through then, they opted to skip a whole month before bringing it back. Not exactly a wise decision for the network though. It looks as though ABC doesn't have much faith in the series at all. Even the show's creator Bill Lawrence is uncertain about its fate. He recently posted the aforementioned episode schedules on his Twitter account, and deleted the whole update a while later. It seems like he's just banking on his other show, Cougar Town, to stay in business. Still, knowing how much of a survivor Scrubs is, we're still hoping for another season. Granted, there are flaws to the show and all, but it definitely offers characters we'd like to know more. We could let Lucy (Kerry Bishe) continue to learn the ropes, and watch the inevitable ups and downs of romance via Drew and Denise. There's still plenty to tell when it comes to this comedy. After all, Zach Braff wasn't the only one we were rooting for when this series first aired. Besides, Scrubs is the show that just won't die. Adding to the past troubles it endured is this whole month of onscreen absence. Ever immortal, this Bill Lawrence baby surely has the capability to live on, and if it doesn't, we're okay with it. Really. Source Here

'Scrubs' Sam Lloyd Talks Ted's Band and Tours

Let's take a break from the revamped Scrubs and recall some bits of the old, wading through eight seasons' worth of memories. One of these recollections will probably be about Ted's band, which might've had more luck in the music industry if their lead didn't sweat so much. Lucky for us, the actor who plays him isn't as panicky, and he really has brought the a cappella quartet to life. Well, Ted's Band aka The Worthless Peons has actually existed even before Scrubs. They're actually called The Blanks, and they recently talked to about their recent ventures. These include releasing their debut album "Riding the Wave" and touring cities for performances. Asked about their appearance on the ABC comedy, actor Sam Lloyd revealed just how far they managed to take it. Initially, they didn't believe they'd make it big in the business. Now though, most Scrubs fans know them well and can even belt out some of their tunes. "We kind of thought there wouldn't be much interest in it," the actor explained. "So we didn't really pursue it. We had our CD out, and then a manager got in touch with us through our website and he said he thought he could get us work and we said, "Well, good luck with that.'' And he did!" Since then, things have looked up for the band. "[I]t was kind of shocking. We were put on "Scrubs as a gag for just that reason, so that Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) could say, "This is ear rape! So when it suddenly started getting hip it was pretty phenomenal." The band consists of Sam Lloyd, Philip McNiven, George Miserlis, and Paul F. Perry, and have recently launched their debut album. "Riding the Wave" is sold at CD Baby, and features several original compositions and cover versions of songs. There are also a number of candid recordings from the Scrubs cast and crew. Even though the new Scrubs remains in limbo regarding its status on television, we're glad to see a bit of the old thanks to Ted. Even though they won't be appearing on the show anymore, there still is hope for Ted's Band aka The Worthless Peons aka The Blanks. Lloyd joked, "I think we're going to be Top 40 pretty soon. We're huge right now, I can't tell you, it's sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll for us right now - a cappella roll." Source Here