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'Scrubs' Star Michael Mosley On-Stage for 'The Glass Menagerie'

Drew's been one of my favorite characters on the new version of Scrubs so far, so imagining the guy doing something like Broadway might be a little off. But the idea of actor Michael Mosley gaining success with his theater efforts is surely welcome, even though the sight may take some getting used to. It's a good thing he won't be wearing his white coat on stage. According to Theater Mania, the 31-year-old actor has been given a role on the upcoming presentation of the Roundabout Theater Company. He will be playing a part in their adaptation of Tennessee Williams' classic drama The Glass Menagerie, opening later this year. The performance will be held at the Laura Page Theatre at the Harold and Miriam Steinberg Center for Theatre at 111 W. 46th Street. It will be for a limited engagement from March 5 to May 20, and will have its official opening on March 24. A production by Gordon Edelstein, The Glass Menagerie stars two-time Tony Award winner Judith Ivey as Amanda Wingfield. Joining her and Michael Mosley are Patch Darragh and Keira Keeley. The Scrubs actor has been given the role of Jim O'Connor, described on as "The Gentleman Caller." The official description of the play according to Roundabout is as follows: "In this fresh interpretation of Williams' haunting memory play, Tom Wingfield (Darragh) sits writing in a hotel room, trying to forge his past into art. Soon Tom's space is overtaken by the cramped apartment he once shared with his mother Amanda (Ivey), his beloved sister Laura (Keeley) and unrequited dreams as fragile as Laura's collection of tiny glass animals. There, Tom relives the Gentleman Caller's (Mosley) visit -- the night that changed his family forever." It's a bit difficult to imagine Mosley as anything other than Dr. Cox's #1, but this gig doesn't seem so bad for him. If you can, catch the actor on Roundabout's The Glass Menagerie this March. Source Here

TV Tonight: What's On Tuesday 1/12 - Featured

It's that time of year again, Reelers... yes, that's right... for better or worse, it's American Idol season! If you're a fan, don't forget to tune in Tuesdays and Wednesdays as Idol takes over your TV schedule as usual, but if you're not a fan, there's still plenty to watch! Check out what's new tonight: 8/7c American Idol on Fox The Biggest Loser on NBC NCIS on CBS 8:30/7:30c Better Off Ted on ABC 9/8c Scrubs on ABC NCIS: Los Angeles on CBS 9:30/8:30c Better Off Ted on ABC 10/9c The Jay Leno Show on NBC The Forgotten (TV) on ABC The Good Wife on CBS Southland on TNT (Reairing Season 1) Teen Mom on MTV 11:30/10:30c The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien on NBC The Colbert Report on Comedy Central What will you be watching?

Scrubs: Preview of Episode 9.09 "Our Stuff Gets Real"

Reality sinks in on Scrubs tonight, such as the fact that Zach Braff can't seem to stay away from Sacred Heart. He's back for another appearance as J.D. on "Our Stuff Gets Real", but he'll soon be out of the way to do his duties as a father. On the new episode of Scrubs, we'll see how J.D. deals with the arrival of his child. Despite his initial excitement, it dawns on him that he'll need to shed his childish demeanor and take up responsibilities. Or not. The dad-to-be makes it all about him and tries to get Elliot (Sarah Chalke) to bed, even though she's busy munching on all-beef Cambodian salad. Such is the problem of this married couple, and we're not even discussing J.D. and Turk. To Read More Click Here

Scrubs: Neil Flynn Wouldn't Mind Returning - Featured

So the new version of Scrubs doesn't seem to be going well with critics and long-time fans of the show. But would it help if they brought back one major force from the old cast of the show? Yep, we're talking about Neil Flynn. The Janitor has always been a remarkable presence on the eight beloved seasons of Scrubs. His exit from the show's ninth season was already perfect in itself, but it wouldn't hurt if we saw him once again, would it? On an interview with Movieline, the 49-year-old actor who gained fame on Scrubs and The Middle discussed why exactly he left the ABC comedy and the hopes of coming back. We really would enjoy hearing about possibilities for his return, even though the Janitor may be a bit out of place in Winston University. To Read More Click Here .

'Scrubs' Star Dave Franco is "Nothing Like" Cole

A few episodes in and we're still trying our best to get used to the new cast of ABC's Scrubs. But to make that transition easier, the casting department has brought in Dave Franco, whose co-stars believe he's better suited to a teen drama instead of this. Still, he's making his mark on the comedy series as Cole Aaronson, an entitled and cocky med student. He's had his share of films in the past, but this is his biggest project yet. What's interesting is that he believes his personality's nowhere near his character's, even though he's able to portray him so convincingly. According to the North Bay Nugget, Dave Franco explains how Cole has put up a mask to keep others from finding him vulnerable. "As the season progresses, you learn about his relationship with his parents, which a lot of his attitude stems from," the Scrubs star said. To Read More Click here .

Scrubs: Episode 9.08 "Our Couples" - Sneak Peeks

For its first installment in 2010, Scrubs returns with a double dose of episodes with "Our White Coats" and "Our Couples." Tonight, this batch of med students finally embark on their journey as doctors, but must first figure out if they really belong in Sacred Heart. On the second episode of the hour, Lucy points out the couplings of the hospital on "Our Couples." Most of them are dysfunctional, sure, but they're there. With her relationship with Cole staring her in the face, it's no wonder she discovers the quirky romances of Sacred Heart. It's like the day the Janitor got married, when every couple in the hospital began experiencing problems with their relationships. There was Elliot and J.D., Turk (Donald Faison) and Carla (Judy Reyes), and even Perry (John C. McGinley) and Jordan (Christa Miller). Before we peg this new Scrubs as a repeat of the old though, let's consider the fact that [Med School] isn't even that bad. Don't miss this new episode as it airs tonight at 9pm on ABC. Source here

Scrubs: Previews of Episode 9.07 "Our White Coats" - Sneak Peek

For its first installment in 2010, Scrubs returns with a double dose of episodes with "Our White Coats" and "Our Couples." Tonight, this batch of med students finally embark on their journey as doctors, but must first figure out if they really belong in Sacred Heart. On "Our White Coats," Lucy (Kerry Bishe), Drew (Michael Mosley) and Cole (Dave Franco) join the rest of the Winston University students for their white coat ceremony. But before they receive such an honor, all of them have to determine their personal reasons for being doctors. During the second season of Scrubs, J.D. (Zach Braff) received his own doctor's coat in the episode "My New Coat." He had to face added responsibilities in becoming more of a resident, all while getting in touch with his identity. Donning those white coats shouldn't be taken lightly though. Still, even the Janitor (Neil Flynn) got away with it. But back to the present. Another tale that unfolds in "Our White Coats" is that of Denise (Eliza Coupe), who has already gone through this and must face problems of her own. She's still uncertain about her relationship with Drew, so she seeks advice from Elliot (Sarah Chalke). Source here

TV Ratings: CBS repeats win Tuesday

Fast National ratings for Tuesday, Dec. 22, 2009 CBS still easily won Tuesday night despite a slate of reruns and the expected softer holiday viewing numbers. The network led the night with 12.2 million viewers and a 7.8 rating/13 share in households, far ahead of second-place finisher NBC, which drew a mere 4.6 million viewers and a 3.0/5. They were followed by ABC (4.1 million, 2.6/4), FOX (4.1 million, 2.5/4) and The CW (856,000, 0.6/1). CBS also led among adults 18-49, scoring a 2.4 rating. NBC had a 1.5, beating out ABC's 1.2, FOX's 1.1 and The CW's 0.4. To Read More Click Here .

Photos - Scrubs 9.05 "Our Mysteries"

Earlier today we announced that Scrubs season 9 would be coming to an end in January (with ABC doubling up on episodes in the new year). The network has released promo photos and a synopsis for the December 22 episode, which you can view below. J.D. CLAMORS FOR TURK'S APPROVAL AS HE APPROACHES HIS FINAL DAY OF TEACHING AT SACRED HEART, ON ABC'S "SCRUBS" "Our Mysteries" - J.D. still clamors for Dr. Turk's approval as he approaches his final day of teaching at Sacred Heart, Lucy searches within herself for the courage to perform a basic medical procedure on a real human, and Denise and Drew make things official, on "Scrubs," TUESDAY, DECEMBER 22 (9:00-9:30p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. Source & More Photos

Scrubs: Preview of Episode 9.05 "Our Mysteries"

It's the Scrubs sort-of holiday episode tonight, and this actually marks one big not-so surprise for many fans of the show: J.D. (Zach Braff) is nearing his last day of teaching at Sacred Heart. It's not until the sixth installment of this season though, so we have time to mourn. Or celebrate if you wish. Anyway, "Our Mysteries" is mostly going to be about J.D. letting go of his job while still clamoring for Turk's (Donald Faison) approval. Tension escalates between the two BFFs, because separation anxiety can be such a bummer. Meanwhile, Lucy (Kerry Bishe) is dealing with her own problems. She can't seem to find the courage to perform a basic medical procedure and needs practice on a real human. Even though she could approach her fellow students, they're always ready with their rejection of her. To Read More Click here .