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A medical drama with a sense of humor, or a medical comedy with a heart, however you characterize it, Scrubs is unconventional. A comedy along the lines of Mash that shows the lighter side of the people charged with our health. Join the wacky staff at Sacred Heart Hospital to have your funny bone tickled.
Large day of the dead
Oct 5, 2015 11:29AM EDT

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After reading some reviews, there is nothing to say because I feel the same way. The last season is missing it's heart of the show, it is still watchable. A very entertaining and thought-provoking show about life. Thanks to all the actors that made this show one of kind. I might have to rewatch it again.


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Large dahhhh

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Mar 18, 2016 4:10PM EDT

Definitely rewatch it, again and again. And then again. Scrubs is a rare bird. I think it was able to do really well what all shows try to do.. unless you thought that it didn't do it well. But I did. I really connected with the humor and I appreciated Scrubs' dabbling in the bigger ideas. Which brings me back to what all great shows should aim for, which is to entertain people (and make money for their television overlords) but also be meaningful, because when it's all said and done what's the point of making people laugh or cry or scream if it doesn't mean anything. And I think Scrubs meant something. What? I don't know. Something. At least to me..... And I never thought the show fell off at the end, but I might have had mother's love blinders on, because Scrubs is my baby and I will defend it as such. With kicks and scratches.

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