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TV Tonight: What's On Tuesday 1/26 - Featured

Tuesday night has gotten pretty packed with great comedy, drama, and reality TV! Check out all that's new tonight: 8/7c Scrubs on ABC American Idol on Fox The Biggest Loser on NBC NCIS on CBS 8:30/7:30c Better Off Ted on ABC 9/8c Human Target on Fox NCIS: Los Angeles on CBS 10/9c White Collar on USA Network Teen Mom on MTV 11/10c The Daily Show on Comedy Central 11:30/10:30c The Colbert Report on Comedy Central What will you be watching?

Scrubs: Preview of Episode 9.11 "Our Dear Leaders"

Lucy will be taking center stage tonight on Scrubs, and will either succeed as a leader or become the target for everyone's rage. With how she's acting, it's bound to be both. What's worse is that the pressure of med school is building up for everyone, even the professors. On "Our Dear Leaders", it's hell week at Winston University. Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) assigns our blonde horse-lover as "team leader" to handle the group. Unfortunately, what he fails to see is that she can barely handle herself. But knowing Dr. Cox, he's only pushing Lucy (Kerry Bishe) further so she can prove herself. We know how great a mentor he can be, so it's only apt that he ends up torturing these murderers so they can rise to the challenge. For Lucy, meanwhile, it's serious business. She taps into her inner tyrant and bosses everyone around, blinded with the power of the title. Think of the horse-driven chariot she can ride! Okay, maybe that's just one fantasy we might see on tonight's episode. But we can only expect Lucy's friends to turn against her during this time, because as we know, it can sometimes get lonely at the top. That is, if Cole (Dave Franco) wouldn't want to keep his girlfriend company up there. With an ego like his, it's likely he'd wish to be around such a commanding woman like Lucy. Also on "Our Dear Leaders," Dr. Turk (Donald Faison) finds himself facing an obstacle to his career. An internationally renowned surgeon visits Winston University, and Sacred Heart's Chief of Surgery feels threatened by it. Will he do whatever it takes to convince the visitor that he's better? We've all seen how competitive Turk can be. On a previous episode he raced Perry throughout the school in the hopes of getting to the Quad first. Since he lost, he had to pay the consequences: saying "Dr. Cox, he's hella foxy" constantly. The visiting surgeon probably isn't as narcissistic as Cox can be, but we're pretty sure Turk won't be repeating those words tonight. Don't forget to catch the new episode of Scrubs, titled "Our Dear Leaders," as it airs on ABC at 9pm. Source Here