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Scrubs: Previews of Episode 9.07 "Our White Coats" - Sneak Peek

For its first installment in 2010, Scrubs returns with a double dose of episodes with "Our White Coats" and "Our Couples." Tonight, this batch of med students finally embark on their journey as doctors, but must first figure out if they really belong in Sacred Heart. On "Our White Coats," Lucy (Kerry Bishe), Drew (Michael Mosley) and Cole (Dave Franco) join the rest of the Winston University students for their white coat ceremony. But before they receive such an honor, all of them have to determine their personal reasons for being doctors. During the second season of Scrubs, J.D. (Zach Braff) received his own doctor's coat in the episode "My New Coat." He had to face added responsibilities in becoming more of a resident, all while getting in touch with his identity. Donning those white coats shouldn't be taken lightly though. Still, even the Janitor (Neil Flynn) got away with it. But back to the present. Another tale that unfolds in "Our White Coats" is that of Denise (Eliza Coupe), who has already gone through this and must face problems of her own. She's still uncertain about her relationship with Drew, so she seeks advice from Elliot (Sarah Chalke). Source here