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Scrubs: Preview of Episode 9.09 "Our Stuff Gets Real"

Reality sinks in on Scrubs tonight, such as the fact that Zach Braff can't seem to stay away from Sacred Heart. He's back for another appearance as J.D. on "Our Stuff Gets Real", but he'll soon be out of the way to do his duties as a father. On the new episode of Scrubs, we'll see how J.D. deals with the arrival of his child. Despite his initial excitement, it dawns on him that he'll need to shed his childish demeanor and take up responsibilities. Or not. The dad-to-be makes it all about him and tries to get Elliot (Sarah Chalke) to bed, even though she's busy munching on all-beef Cambodian salad. Such is the problem of this married couple, and we're not even discussing J.D. and Turk. To Read More Click Here