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Scrubs: Preview of Season Finale 'Our Thanks'

The ever-immortal Scrubs has survived yet another season in the hands of the alphabet network, so tonight marks another milestone. But this is perhaps its last episode ever, as even creator Bill Lawrence pointed out the slim chances of the show's renewal. But we still have "Our Thanks" tonight, and we're thankful for that. As well as for the nine seasons that Scrubs has given us. Anyway, the Winston University med students are grateful as well, as they've finally found new realizations throughout their journeys in the hospital. First off, there's Cole (Dave Franco). Everyone in the hospital found him a lazy waste of matter since he hardly worked hard to stay in the school. But tonight on "Our Thanks," he discovers his true calling. To Read More Click Here .

Will 'Scrubs' Officially End After This Week's Episode?

So there's only one episode left for the first season of Scrubs [Med School] aka Scrubs season 9 aka The New Scrubs aka The Proof that Scrubs Can't Die. But ever since it began, we've always wondered how long it will last. Now that the finale's nearing, we need some answers. It's time series creator Bill Lawrence speak out, and finally admit that we should not expect more Scrubs after this season finale airs. Unless of course it gets resurrected again, which would be likely if only he had his way. "In my heart and head I felt like Scrubs ended last year," he told E! Online during the Paley TV Festival. "This year was a bit of a spinoff, but I really liked it, I liked what they did. They worked really hard." We do agree about the conclusion of J.D.'s story in season 8, and we also agree that season 9 has its strong points. Unfortunately, they may not be enough to give the show another installment. Bill Lawrence weighed in on the show's chances and said, "I say it's a one in 10 chance that it's going to be on after the next two weeks." To Read More Click Here .

Sneak Peeks - Scrubs 9.12 "Our Driving Issues"

Scrubs has been off the air since the end of January, but a new episode will be airing on March 10 (after that, the season finale will be airing on March 17). ABC has released 4 sneak peeks for the new episode, which are posted below. COLE AND KELSO FIND SOLACE WITH ONE ANOTHER WHEN REAL FRIENDS ARE HARD TO COME BY, ON ABC'S "SCRUBS". To Read More Click Here .

'Scrubs' Sam Lloyd Talks Ted's Band and Tours

Let's take a break from the revamped Scrubs and recall some bits of the old, wading through eight seasons' worth of memories. One of these recollections will probably be about Ted's band, which might've had more luck in the music industry if their lead didn't sweat so much. Lucky for us, the actor who plays him isn't as panicky, and he really has brought the a cappella quartet to life. Well, Ted's Band aka The Worthless Peons has actually existed even before Scrubs. They're actually called The Blanks, and they recently talked to Boston.com about their recent ventures. These include releasing their debut album "Riding the Wave" and touring cities for performances. Asked about their appearance on the ABC comedy, actor Sam Lloyd revealed just how far they managed to take it. Initially, they didn't believe they'd make it big in the business. Now though, most Scrubs fans know them well and can even belt out some of their tunes. "We kind of thought there wouldn't be much interest in it," the actor explained. "So we didn't really pursue it. We had our CD out, and then a manager got in touch with us through our website and he said he thought he could get us work and we said, "Well, good luck with that.'' And he did!" Since then, things have looked up for the band. "[I]t was kind of shocking. We were put on "Scrubs as a gag for just that reason, so that Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) could say, "This is ear rape! So when it suddenly started getting hip it was pretty phenomenal." The band consists of Sam Lloyd, Philip McNiven, George Miserlis, and Paul F. Perry, and have recently launched their debut album. "Riding the Wave" is sold at CD Baby, and features several original compositions and cover versions of songs. There are also a number of candid recordings from the Scrubs cast and crew. Even though the new Scrubs remains in limbo regarding its status on television, we're glad to see a bit of the old thanks to Ted. Even though they won't be appearing on the show anymore, there still is hope for Ted's Band aka The Worthless Peons aka The Blanks. Lloyd joked, "I think we're going to be Top 40 pretty soon. We're huge right now, I can't tell you, it's sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll for us right now - a cappella roll." Source Here

Sarah Chalke Returning to ABC for New Comedy Pilot - Featured

Sarah Chalke is heading to Capitol Hill. The Scrubs actress, 33, has been cast in the new ABC pilot Freshman as a young congresswoman, Variety reports. Chalke will play a newly elected U.S. representative who, despite professional success, has little luck in love. Freshman follows a group of politicos who live together. The comedy is executive-produced by political blogger Arianna Huffington and Greg Malins, whose resume includes Friends , Will & Grace and How I Met Your Mother . Source Here

Scrubs: Preview of Episode 9.12 "Our Driving Issues"

Tonight we're getting a Scrubs surprise, because the network has decided to air yet another episode after yesterday's comic installment. It's all because the series has been bumped to Wednesdays, joining the ABC comedy line-up at last. While it seems like an odd move for the network to make, it's probably because of scheduling conflicts. That, and the ratings needed by the show. Scrubs hasn't been performing that well, even though this revamped version isn't that bad at all. Here's the ABC promo for the move to Wednesdays. Source & Preview

TV Tonight: What's On Tuesday 1/26 - Featured

Tuesday night has gotten pretty packed with great comedy, drama, and reality TV! Check out all that's new tonight: 8/7c Scrubs on ABC American Idol on Fox The Biggest Loser on NBC NCIS on CBS 8:30/7:30c Better Off Ted on ABC 9/8c Human Target on Fox NCIS: Los Angeles on CBS 10/9c White Collar on USA Network Teen Mom on MTV 11/10c The Daily Show on Comedy Central 11:30/10:30c The Colbert Report on Comedy Central What will you be watching?

Scrubs: Preview of Episode 9.11 "Our Dear Leaders"

Lucy will be taking center stage tonight on Scrubs, and will either succeed as a leader or become the target for everyone's rage. With how she's acting, it's bound to be both. What's worse is that the pressure of med school is building up for everyone, even the professors. On "Our Dear Leaders", it's hell week at Winston University. Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) assigns our blonde horse-lover as "team leader" to handle the group. Unfortunately, what he fails to see is that she can barely handle herself. But knowing Dr. Cox, he's only pushing Lucy (Kerry Bishe) further so she can prove herself. We know how great a mentor he can be, so it's only apt that he ends up torturing these murderers so they can rise to the challenge. For Lucy, meanwhile, it's serious business. She taps into her inner tyrant and bosses everyone around, blinded with the power of the title. Think of the horse-driven chariot she can ride! Okay, maybe that's just one fantasy we might see on tonight's episode. But we can only expect Lucy's friends to turn against her during this time, because as we know, it can sometimes get lonely at the top. That is, if Cole (Dave Franco) wouldn't want to keep his girlfriend company up there. With an ego like his, it's likely he'd wish to be around such a commanding woman like Lucy. Also on "Our Dear Leaders," Dr. Turk (Donald Faison) finds himself facing an obstacle to his career. An internationally renowned surgeon visits Winston University, and Sacred Heart's Chief of Surgery feels threatened by it. Will he do whatever it takes to convince the visitor that he's better? We've all seen how competitive Turk can be. On a previous episode he raced Perry throughout the school in the hopes of getting to the Quad first. Since he lost, he had to pay the consequences: saying "Dr. Cox, he's hella foxy" constantly. The visiting surgeon probably isn't as narcissistic as Cox can be, but we're pretty sure Turk won't be repeating those words tonight. Don't forget to catch the new episode of Scrubs, titled "Our Dear Leaders," as it airs on ABC at 9pm. Source Here

Donald Faison Thinks 'Scrubs [Med School]' is a "Cool Challenge"

At first, it was difficult to wrap our heads around the idea of Turk being J.D.-less for the revamped version of Scrubs. But as the series progressed, we got more and more comfortable seeing his character evolve independently. We don't even see his wife on the series at all - though him and Perry as the med school parents isn't such a bad idea. Actor Donald Faison knew that diving into another season of Scrubs would be met with mixed emotions. For him, however, it was only fun. And, of course, practical. "Right now, there aren't a lot of people working in Hollywood," the actor told the Boston Herald. "And I am working in Hollywood. If I didn't do Scrubs, I most likely would have been unemployed for like a year and a half, and I don't want to do that. Plus, Turk is just a lot of fun to play." But his past experience in playing Dr. Christopher Turk had to change as he decided to star in [Med School]. First of all, he wouldn't be around his best friend J.D. (Zach Braff) as much as he did before. Still, that didn't stop him. "I thought that would be a cool challenge in some ways," the 35-year-old New Yorker said. "I thought it would be fun to explore what Turk would be like without J.D." He doesn't lack the necessary company, however, as three new characters were introduced for this installment of the ABC comedy. There's Lucy, Drew and Cole, in addition to the dominating presence of Denise (Eliza Coupe), who was introduced in season 8. Donald Faison admitted that he can really relate to the new cast, especially since his own Scrubs memories have gripped him since their arrival. "You can hear their stomachs growling, that's how hungry they are for something to work," the actor explained. "It's inspiring. It's the best thing to have on a new, old set because it opens you up as an actor breecause you want to feel what they're feeling." Source Here

Scrubs: Preview of Episode 9.10 "Our True Lies"

Even though Scrubs might just be teetering on the edge of cancellation, the series continues with a new episode tonight. But since there are only a few installments left for this season, we may just find out the fate of this ABC comedy soon enough. As for now, we'll have to settle for "Our True Lies," which will hopefully give us further insight into the new characters. We might even get a chance to peek inside their heads, since everyone's dragged into a huge problem at the med school. Consciences will go on hyper-drive when it's announced that a student cheated on an exam. As we thought, It's Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) who will deliver the punishment. The whole class is penalized for that one person's act, sending all of them into major guilt trips. Will one of these geniuses finally break down and confess? Or will someone else take the blame? From what I've seen on other television shows with the same plot as the "Our True Lies" episode, what happens is that someone comes forward and takes one for the team. Usually, right before that person lies to cover up the original lie, the one responsible for the act owns up to what s/he did. Sometimes, a wave of internal sunshine is what pushes them to admit their mistake. Or the thought that retribution will be lighter once they come clean. It's one of the classic cases in court. But this is Scrubs, and Dr. Cox might even hit the guilty party with the gavel. And because the whole episode can't focus on that one story, we also have Denise's (Eliza Coupe) tale of woe. It's probably even more disturbing than what she and Drew (Michael Mosley) do on weekends. Okay, I don't really know about that. Anyway, on "Our True Lies," we find out about a startling secret that Denise has been keeping for quite some time now. Could she have dumped J.D.'s whiny self in the trash somewhere? We won't know until tonight, but I'm not putting that past her. Don't forget to catch tonight's episode of Scrubs [Med School], titled "Our True Lies" at 9pm on ABC. Source Here