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    37 episodes
    • s2008e1231How To Prepare For An Acting Audition
    • s2008e1225How To Make Your Own Lip Balm
    • s2008e1223How To Make Emergency Snowshoes
    • s2008e1215How To Make No-bake Chocolate Cookies
    • s2008e1207How To Decorate A Shadow Box
    • s2008e1130How To Create A Modern Scavenger Hunt
    • s2008e1126How To Insulate Your Windows With Plastic
    • s2008e1123How To Work From Anywhere
    • s2008e1119How To Lose Weight With The Amazing Japanese Morning Banana Diet
    • s2008e1117How To Get Your Life In Order
    • s2008e1109How To Handle A Celebrity Sighting
    • s2008e1102How To Make Your First Movie - Phase 8: Editing
    • s2008e1101How To Make Your First Movie - Phase 7: Shooting
    • s2008e1031How To Make Your First Movie - Phase 6: Audio
    • s2008e1030How To Make Your First Movie - Phase 5: Lighting
    • s2008e1029How To Make Your First Movie - Phase 4: Gear
    • s2008e1028How To Make Your First Movie - Phase 3: Casting
    • s2008e1027How To Make Your First Movie - Phase 2: Budgeting
    • s2008e1026How To Make Your First Movie - Phase 1: Writing
    • s2008e1008How To Maintain A Long-distance Relationship
    • s2008e1007How To Tell If He
    • s2008e831How To Throw A Slumber Party
    • s2008e813How To Roast The Ultimate Marshmallow
    • s2008e812How To Make S’mores
    • s2008e805How To Treat A Snakebite
    • s2008e804How To Take A Cheap Summer Road Trip
    • s2008e803How To Build A Campfire
    • s2008e802How To Treat Poison Ivy
    • s2008e801How To Tell Directions Without A Compass
    • s2008e731How To Set Up A Dome Tent
    • s2008e401How To Act If You
    • s2008e331How To Be Prepared When You Arrive At A Foreign Destination
    • s2008e327How To Cow-tip
    • s2008e326How To Fight Climate Change With Cow Dung
    • s2008e314How To Travel Cheaply
    • s2008e305How To Not Look Like A Tourist
    • s2008e112How To Set A Classic Dinner Table