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    52 episodes
    • s2009e1118How To Disable an Attacker
    • s2009e1113How To Escape From Handcuffs
    • s2009e1104How To Fry a Turkey
    • s2009e1103How To Follow Proper Holiday Tipping Etiquette
    • s2009e1025How To Make Challah Bread
    • s2009e1023How To Make San Francisco Sourdough Bread
    • s2009e1019How To Make Easy Cornbread
    • s2009e1018How To Make Multigrain Bread
    • s2009e1017How To Make a French Baguette
    • s2009e1015How To Make Banana Bread
    • s2009e1014How To Make a Werewolf Costume: Part 2
    • s2009e1013How To Make a Werewolf Costume: Part 1
    • s2009e1007How To Make Biscuits
    • s2009e1004How To Dance Like Beyonce
    • s2009e916How To Win a Dance-Off
    • s2009e913How To Turn Your Backyard Into a Beer Garden
    • s2009e910How To Make Garlic Bread
    • s2009e909How To Get Great Skin Like a Celebrity
    • s2009e904How To Spread a Rumor
    • s2009e827How To Drink Absinthe
    • s2009e824How To Read Palms
    • s2009e816How To Shop At a Farmers Market
    • s2009e813How To Dance Your Ass Off
    • s2009e802How To Dress an Hourglass Figure
    • s2009e720How To Protect Your Hair From the Sun
    • s2009e712How To Protect Your Hair From Chlorine and Saltwater
    • s2009e710How To Handle Your Divorced Parents At Your Wedding
    • s2009e622How To Decipher Your Coworkers
    • s2009e618How To Type Faster on Your iPhone
    • s2009e617How To Cut, Copy, and Paste on Your iPhone
    • s2009e419How To Extend the Life Of Your Computer
    • s2009e410How To Pick a Horse At the Racetrack
    • s2009e408How To Control Apple TV With Your iPhone
    • s2009e407How To Extend the Life Of Your iPhone Battery
    • s2009e404How To Control iTunes With Your iPhone
    • s2009e403How To Use the iPhone App Store
    • s2009e331How To Brew Your Own Beer: Part 1 – Make the Wort and Pitch the Yeast
    • s2009e330How To Make Braided Easter Bread
    • s2009e323How To Repair Your Eyeglasses
    • s2009e317How To Make Hot Cross Buns
    • s2009e310How To Clean Your Coffee Maker
    • s2009e303How To Clean With Baking Soda
    • s2009e302How To Use Mouthwash For More Than Bad Breath
    • s2009e226How To Lead A Double Life
    • s2009e223How To Make A Citizen’s Arrest
    • s2009e218How To Make Your Own Soda
    • s2009e212How To Engrave Your Drinking Glasses
    • s2009e126How To Make A No-sew Superhero Cape
    • s2009e113How To Change A Flat Tire
    • s2009e106How To Build A Starship Enterprise Out Of A Floppy Disk
    • s2009e105How To Use Leftover Candy Canes
    • s2009e102How To Save Money By Making Your Own Laundry Detergent