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Seikon no Qwaser Preview Trailer and Website Go Live

Fans of mature-audiences anime rejoice, Seikon no Qwaser is coming early next year and looks like it will be a worthy successor to Queen's Blade's softcore fan service crown. The official site for the upcoming anime has opened, and a teaser trailer introducing the cast and staff has been released with it. The trailer introduces the premise of the anime: at a small private school in Japan run by the Eastern Orthodox church, two young girls meet a mysterious Russian boy named Alexander Nikolaevich (known to his friends as simply "Sasha"). He is a Quasar, with supernatural powers that control the element of iron, and after meeting him the girls find themselves swept up by a war between the church and a group of other Quasars known as the Adepts, who after the secrets of the Sacred Mysteries and will stop at nothing to obtain them. The fan service-heavy anime is scheduled to start airing in January of 2010. Source: Moon Phase