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Sekai Ichi Hatuskoi Episode #12 Review

Chance encounters can change the way our lives go on and we saw that with the previous episode when Ritsu ended up meeting a writer that he knew from his previous job who is shocked that he’s working in such a place, or rather, with such a job as shoujo manga editing. It doesn’t take long for the doubts to really creep into his mind and with the way Takano is acting, he’s questioning everything about what he’s been doing since he transferred out of his last place. With the added complications of how Takano is treating him, or showing interest in him, it’s very easy to see how he’s looking at his life and trying to figure out what it is he really wants. And with the nudge made before about how easy it is to transfer out to something else in the literary world, he’s becoming more tempted by the idea. Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2011/06/24/sekai-ichi-hatuskoi-episode-12-review/