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Selfie Finale Recap: Hair and Now

Clear waves, full spiral, cant lose. Eliza Dooleys hair game may be on point, but as we rediscovered at the top of TuesdaysSelfieseries finale, shes still striking out in the self-confidence department. Naturally, Henry was quick to swoop in and suggestthat Eliza find a role model to set her on the right path.After turning down [] //

Selfie Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Here's This Guy

Despite Eliza channeling her inner courageous kitty this evening, the review for  Selfie Season 1 Episode 7  will also be a eulogy for a show that didn't cut it in the ratings rat race, although it is unclear how many more episodes will be aired. If you had not heard, or if you had, I want to give my condolences. The show was slowly getting stronger, and the plot was thickening, but that was not a saving grace. I wish we could have at least been granted the rest of the season, but alas, that is not the case.     Read More... //

Selfie Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Never Block Cookies

Henry did not realize that the woman working at the coffee stand was sacrificing her inventory to give him a cookie, otherwise known as flirting. On  Selfie Season 1 Episode 6 , Eliza and Charmonique made it their mission to help Henry find a lady, and this mission had its ups and downs. In the end they had some success, but did Charmonique manage to block Henry or not? We were left with a small mystery.    Read More... //

Selfie Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Even Hell Has Two Bars

If even hell has two bars of reception, then Eliza must be in whatever is far, far below hell, or the lowest level of it. Although Henry was there too, the amount of bars he had was the very least of his problems in  Selfie Season 1 Episode 5 .  In this episode, Henry had to face what he has been struggling with in every episode so far, the fact that he does not know how to be fun. Unfortunately, this time for Henry it was working to his extreme disadvantage and preventing him from getting the one thing he wanted the most -- his promotion.    Read More... //

Selfie Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Nugget of Wisdom

From chewie vitamins to an overly judgmental priest named Father McMoney(did I mention he was a priest?!)  Selfie Season 1 Episode 4  was about realizing not just who you are, but loving that person who you are.  It was also about not working for the weekend, but actually  working  for the weekend. TO ENJOY THE WEEKEND. Henry being the only one who did not understand this.    Read More... //

Selfie Season 1 Episode 3 Review: A Little Yelp From My Friends

In  Selfie Season 1 Episode 3  Eliza and Henry are ordered by their boss to work on their interpersonal connectivity with their coworkers. Eliza goes into the assignment knowing that she is facing one of her toughest critics -- her coworker who hates her the most -- Joan. Eliza did eat her lunch more than once!    Read More... //

Fall Pilot Review: SELFIE

Based on  Pygmalion  and  My Fair Lady ,  Selfie  follows Eliza Dooley ( Karen Gillan ) as she comes to learn that there is more to life than social media.  Helping her along on her journey of self discovery and manners is Henry Higenbottam ( John Cho ), who works with Eliza, and who is a master of rebranding (she, naturally, works in sales).  The series is created by  Suburgatory ‘s  Emily Kapnek , who gives it her trademark fast-paced style.  Hit the jump to see if this ABC comedy deserves a spot on your DVR. Read more... //

Selfie Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Facebook is like Crack

In  Selfie Season 1 Episode 2  disaster is on the horizon for both Henry and Eliza as they try to get over their fleeting, unhealthy obsessions.  How do you know that you are a booty call (channeling my inner Carrie Bradshaw here)? This is the question that Eliza had to ask herself about her two-week relationship with her coworker. I think she could have used some help from the Sex and the City girls to answer this question.  Read More... //

Selfie Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Pilot

The world's latest work inspired by My Fair Lady kicked off tonight with a social media fanatic in place of the original, working class Eliza.  On  Selfie Season 1 Episode 1  this show proved that -- although having sometimes shallow jokes -- it has some serious heart! The pilot went beyond being relatable to anyone who has ever found themselves outside of their social element. Selfie so far seems to offer us a chance to explore links between social media and how it impacts what we understand as social relevance.    Read More... //


Loosely based on My Fair Lady (which itself was adapted from George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion), ABC's latest comedy series Selfie follows the life of Eliza Dooley (a modern-day version of Eliza Doolittle), a woman who's obsessed with all things social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you name it. (As a lowly sales rep at a pediatric pharmaceutical company, it isn't clear just  how  she amasses over a quarter of a million followers online, but whatever.) Read More... //