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Senyu Episode #09 Anime Review

The recent introduction of Janua was definitely amusing with how his skill set works and how easily Ros dealt with him. But now the show, providing for some hilarious sendups in the first thirty seconds that include Galaxy Express 999, brings us a new facet of Janua. We see just how odd his abilities are, to the point where he can kill himself, but none of it ends up helping him with being jailed at this point. It’s amusing to see the way Ros continues to nudge at Alba over things but he has no tolerance at all for Janua. Nor does Rchi overall either with the way Janua plays with her. The episode spends most of its time doing small and senseless things with quick gags and just odd situations that everyone is in, but it keeps advancing everything in other ways as well to good effect, such as with the cat character that comes into play. Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2013/03/05/senyu-episode-09-anime-review/