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Servant X Service Episode #13 Anime Review

Having Hasebe reveal that it was his father that approved the accidental name change for Lucy which has lead to her holding a deep grudge towards that unknown person, the mood of the workplace has certainly changed, and that’s without Lucy even knowing. The prologue brings it all into clarity easily and caps it off with one of the best moments as Chihaya simply says “hah” in a way that is so her and provides more laughs than it would if she just start giggling or laughing uncontrollably. It’s a difficult situation now since if Hasebe wants to get in any way serious with Yamagami, it’ll lead to a meeting of her and his father and that could go really bad. Especially if she finds out Hasebe knew and never told her. But telling her early on could be its own kettle of fish. Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2013/09/27/servant-x-service-episode-13-anime-review/