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Sesame Street

"The Importance of Adults"

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Big Bird is looking for someone to play with, but the adults are all busy working and running errands. He thinks that the adults aren’t any fun at all, so he wishes for them to be just like the kids. To Big Bird’s surprise, his Fairy Godperson appears and grants him his wish. Alan, Maria, and Gordon all get transformed into kids! They are all having a great time playing together, but everyone else on Sesame Street is wondering where they are. Luis really needs Maria’s help at the Fix-It Shop, Baby Bear needs a bowl of porridge from Hooper’s Store, and Miles is looking for Gordon. Big Bird realizes how important the adults are to Sesame Street and how much people count on them. He wishes for Alan, Maria, and Gordon to be adults again, so they can return to their responsibilities. Alan, Maria, and Gordon had so much fun, though, that they realize that it is also really important to play and to make time for the kids in their lives.
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