Sesame Street
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Sesame Street

"Show and Tell Elmo"

Date Aired: Aug 14, 2006 (United States)

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It’s Abby’s first day of Storybook Community School and she is so excited to learn everything! Mrs. Goose introduces Abby to the class and they make her feel at home by singing her the “Welcome Song”. Next it’s time for Show and Tell. It is Abby’s turn, but she didn’t know that she was supposed to bring something to share. Abby decides to use her magic wand to leave school and ask Elmo for help. Elmo thinks that the class would love to see her wand. As he says this, he accidentally taps his head with her wand and he disappears, suddenly appearing at Abby’s school. Now that Elmo is at her school, Abby thinks that it would be more fun to introduce Elmo to the class during Show and Tell. Then she can tell everyone what a good friend he is. Mrs. Goose allows Elmo to be a guest for the day and the class sings him the “Welcome Song.” Abby is having a great first day of school and she is so happy to be learning so many new things
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