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Sesame Street

"Gina Adopts A Baby"

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There’s a lot of excitement on Sesame Street because Gina is adopting a baby! After a lot of planning, today is the day that Gina is flying to Guatemala to pick up her baby, Marco, and bring him home. Maria is going with Gina to help speak Spanish. Gina has been waiting for this moment and has made sure that everything is taken care of while she is away. There is a veterinarian covering for her in case any animals need help, and Luis and Gordon are setting up the baby’s crib. Big Bird, Elmo, Baby Bear and Rosita have noticed all of the excitement, but they don’t know what it means to adopt a baby. Gina explains that there is a baby that needs love and caring for and she wants to be the person to provide those things. They all can’t wait to meet the new baby and help in any way they can. The next time they see Gina, she will be a mommy and she will have a new family!
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