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Sesame Street

"H-appy Anniversary Luis & Maria"

Date Aired: Aug 23, 2006 (United States)

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Today is Luis and Maria’s wedding anniversary. They have decided to celebrate by having a picnic together. Little do they know, though, that it is “H” day on Sesame Street. First they get interrupted by Elmo, Zoe, and Big Bird singing about the letter “H,” but they sneak off just in time and find another spot to have their picnic. Next the H-Man pops in and wants everyone to play “The Sound of H.” Maria and Luis decide to join in, but while the others are still hopping along with the hopping honkers, they manage to sneak away again. At last they are going to have their picnic. This is until its time for the letter “H” dance, which just happens to be Luis and Maria’s favorite dance which they did on their honeymoon- “The Hula.” They decide to finish their picnic later and dance with everyone instead. Luis and Maria have a happy anniversary after all.
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