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Sesame Street

"The Case of the Missing Melon"

Date Aired: Sep 09, 2007 (United States)

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Gabi, Telly and Zoe are having a picnic, when suddenly their honeydew melon disappears! Telly decides they need The Telly Detective Agency to solve the case of the missing melon. In order to solve the mystery, Telly and Zoe ask questions and retrace their steps. They realize that no one actually saw the melon disappear, so they stage a reenactment. They place an orange where the melon used to be and hide, hoping to catch the melon thief in action. As they are deciding on a hiding place, the orange mysteriously moves off the table while they were turned around. Telly decides to dress up as a melon himself and stands where both the melon and the orange had been. Zoe is supposed to keep watch, but she doesn’t see Telly mysteriously move off the table either! She takes out a magnifying glass and notices tiny footprints on the table, which lead her to a little ant. The ant carried the melon, the orange and Telly to the garden because she wanted to have her own picnic. Telly and Zoe invite the ant to their picnic so they can share in the food together.
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