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Sesame Street

"Slimey & The Worm Cup"

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Everyone is gathered to watch the Worm Cup on TV. This year Slimey, from Sesame Street, is a finalist competing against Squirmadene, from France. Squirmadene kicks the ball and Slimey tries to block it, but it is too high for Slimey to reach. Slimey is just about to take his turn when Squirmadene whispers, “Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah!” This is teasing and against Worm Cup rules, but the referee decides to let Squirmadene off with a warning. It has come down to Slimey, who uses his special scrunch kick to kick the ball into the cup. The crowd goes wild thinking Slimey won, but the ball bounces back out of the cup! Slimey is very upset and to make matters worse, Squirmadene teases him again. Slimey shakes with rage and pushes Squirmadene with his head. Slimey is thrown out of the game. Oscar tells Slimey that no matter how angry he is he should always use his words instead of violence. Slimey tells Squirmadene he is sorry, but explains he doesn’t like to be teased. Squirmadene apologizes too, and they share the Worm Cup
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