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Sesame Street

"Maria the Chicken?"

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Zoe and Rosita find Abby’s magic wand and Rosita wonders what it would be like to be a fairy god-monster and do magic. She even convinces Zoe that they could help Maria with all her work by using Abby’s wand. To do magic, all they have to say is some words that rhyme. When the sparkles clear, Maria is gone and a chicken is there in her place. Something went terribly wrong and now they have to figure out how to change Maria back. First they try saying another rhyme, and then a rhyme in Spanish while hopping at the same time, but things only seem to be getting worse. When Abby comes to find her wand, Rosita tells her what she had done and that they need Abby’s help. Abby has been getting better at her magic rhymes so she tries to change Maria back, but now Maria’s a clucking pumpkin! To everyone’s surprise, Maria shows up out of nowhere. It turns out that she was in the hardware store. The pumpkin sounds awfully like Mrs. Chicken, though, who was coming to pick up her toaster from the Fix It Shop. Good thing Abby’s mommy could help fix everything
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