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Sesame Street

"Elmo's Letter To Abby"

Date Aired: Oct 09, 2007 (United States)

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Rosita receives a card from her grandmother in the mail. Abby is very impressed because she has never received a letter before. Elmo decides to write Abby her first letter. Elmo gets ready with some paper and crayons, but then he remembers he doesn't know how to write! Chris helps by listening to what Elmo wants to say and writing it down for him. After Chris reads Elmo’s letter back to him, Elmo decides to end it with, "Love, Elmo" and realizes there is one word he can write, his name! Chris addresses an envelope, puts a stamp on it and puts Elmo's letter inside. They can now put the letter in the mailbox and the mail carrier will get it and bring it to Abby in a few days. Just then, Abby poofs back to Sesame Street. Elmo excitedly tells her that he wrote her a letter. Both of them want Abby to get her letter right then, so Chris hands Abby the envelope. Abby is so excited about receiving her very first letter that she forgets she doesn't know how to read yet! Chris helps her read Elmo's letter and she couldn't be happier. Abby now can’t wait to write her first letter and she thinks she’ll write one to Elmo thanking him
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