Sesame Street
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Sesame Street

"Abby Thinks Oscar is a Prince"

Date Aired: Oct 06, 2008 (United States)

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Chris is reading Abby a story about a princess who kisses a frog and turns it into a prince. Now Abby thinks that someone on Sesame Street could be an enchanted prince and she thinks that someone could be Oscar. After all, he’s green like a frog, and no one could really be that grouchy unless he’s a prince who was turned into a grouch. Now Abby believes that a kiss will break the spell and turn him back to Prince Oscar. Oscar keeps telling her that he is a Grouch, but she is not convinced. She keeps trying to kiss him and even chases him down into his can. Oscar asks Chris to give him a disguise so Abby won’t know it’s him, but Abby isn’t fooled. Chris comes up with the idea that Oscar should just allow Abby to kiss him in order to prove that he is not a prince. In the end, Abby discovers that Oscar is just Oscar and he just want to be himself. Abby doesn’t care that he’s not a prince, she loves him just the way he is
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