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Sesame Street

"Slimey Adopts a Pet Bug"

Date Aired: Oct 06, 2008 (United States)

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Oscar takes Slimey to the “Bug-a-Wee Bug Shelter” to get Slimey a pet bug. Nat, a worker at the Bug Shelter, shows Slimey the different bugs they have. Slimey is very excited when the Detroit Dirt Digger stops digging in the dirt and goes over to him. It seems that the Dirt Digger chose Slimey,w and Slimey decides to name him Dirty. When they get back home, Dirty seems to be a little scared. Everything is very new to him. Oscar suggests that they read “The Bug Book” that Nat gave them for some help. Oscar and Slimey read Chapter 1 “Bringing Your Bug Home.” Based on Dirty’s actions, it says that he may be frightened and the first step to calming down your bug is to prepare the dirt. They already did this, so Oscar and Slimey do the second step which is to dress like a bug to make him feel at home. That doesn’t make Dirty feel better either. They try one last thing and sing the “Welcome Bug Song.” It works! Slimey is happy, Dirty is happy and all this happiness makes Oscar grouchy.
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