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"Maria the Cowgirl"

Date Aired: Oct 29, 2008 (United States)

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Big Bird, Elmo and Abby are very excited because Gordon is going to read “Maria the Cowgirl – The Lonesome Trail”. The story is about Maria the Cowgirl and her hobbyhorse, Amigo. They meet Bad Duck, the toughest duck in the west. Bad Duck says that the trail isn’t big enough for the two of them, and won’t let Maria pass. Suddenly Maria the Cowgirl has an idea! She tells Bad Duck “You go this-a-way and I’ll go that-a-way!” It works and they are able to pass each other. The trail is big enough for the two of them after all. Everyone wants to hear the story again, but Gordon has to leave. Big Bird has a great idea: they should all pretend and act out the story. Abby is going to pretend to be Maria, but there’s a problem when both Big Bird and Elmo want to be Bad Duck. Abby says that they can both be Bad Duck, but then they need to decide who will be Amigo. Again both Big Bird and Elmo want to do it. Abby solves this problem by picking Big Bird to be Bad Duck and Elmo to be Amigo. Finally, a tumbleweed comes along and asks to play too, but he wants to be Maria the Cowgirl. Abby says they can both do it. They all sing the “Maria the Cowgirl” song and have fun pretending together
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