Sesame Street
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Sesame Street

"Baby Bear's New Babysitter"

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Baby Bear is very excited because Grandmama Bear is coming to baby-sit. They have so much fun together! Just as Baby Bear is telling Gina this, Papa Bear breaks the news that Grandmama is sick and won’t be able to come. Baby Bear’s spirit is crushed. Gina suggests that they ask Gabi to baby-sit. It turns out that Gabi would love to do it. Even though Curly Bear is very excited and doesn’t seem upset at all, Baby Bear feels that his sister might be nervous with a new baby-sitter. When Gabi arrives, Baby Bear tells her this and that there is a protocol when Grandmama baby-sits. First she makes porridge-raisin cookies, then she sings golden oldie bear songs, and finally they play bear games. Gabi doesn’t know how to do these things exactly, but she does introduce them to a new granola bar snack, a new bear song, and different fun games. They end up having a great time with Gabi! Even though Baby Bear seems to have been the nervous one the whole time, in the end he realizes that it is important to open up your mind to new experiences and that things can be different and still be fun
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