Sesame Street
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Sesame Street

"Firefly Show"

Date Aired: Aug 14, 2008 (United States)

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As dusk falls, Telly and Baby Bear come running in carrying a net and a jar. They explain to Chris that they are catching fireflies! Chris hasn’t seen any, but wishes them luck in finding one. Suddenly, Baby Bear and Telly spot a firefly. They try to catch it, but It flies all the way up high by the Sesame Street sign. They have no luck and begin chasing it all over Sesame Street. Telly has an idea to use their flashlight to attract the firefly. The firefly will think the blinking light is another firefly and come to them. It works! They catch the firefly, but soon notice that his light is getting dimmer. He looks sad too. Leela comes along and suggests that maybe they could find out what’s wrong by pretending to be fireflies that have been trapped in a small jar. They do this and discover that he is sad because there’s no room to fly free. They decide it’s best to let him go, and the firefly is happy again. In the end, Telly and Baby Bear realize that it’s more fun pretending to be fireflies then actually catching them!
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