Recaps for Seven Days

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I Liked it, granted...

...I usually caught it at about 2 o'clock in the morning when the reruns sci-fi is kinda ashamed of are aired. I kinda was bummed out that it was canceled. Honestly the characters can kinda get on your nerves, but Mr. Johnathan makes up for it by being excellent eye-candy and his general hot moodiness. Not something I would purchase per-se, but if it were cheap and I were in the mood I could deffinately waste a few hours on it. Oh, and the episode to episode stories are pretty much the same, it doesn't really have a running story line like some other shows so it's easy to just jump in with a minimal background, watch it, enjoy it, and move on. PREMIS: Chrononaughts can go back in time using a big blue geodesic dome thing that aliens so nicely provided. The NSA use it to save the world from crazy disasters that would ultimately end in all sorts of distruction. (Man, if terrorists were so active before the thing was discovered I'm surprised the world still existed. The superhero always needs a supervillan though or he'd be really bored.) Anyway, the trick is they can only go back, you guessed it, seven days. Now our main boy is one of the few people that qualifies as a chrononaut (IE: timetravel money). Catch is, they resuced him from prison (or is it an insane assylum?). That's pretty much the gist of it. Anything else you can really pick up as you watch it.