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What a great show ender

I just finished watching the last of the Sex and the City episodes, preparing for the movies, and wow. These last few episodes have really made me cry, made me laugh, they made me realize how important friendships are, as well as relationships. Sometimes things are unexpected and spontanious, those things turn out well for everyone in the end. Every one of those women seem to have found thier place and they've all become happier. I can't wait to see the movies and I'm sure they will be great. Though I fell in love with Aleksandr myself as well as Carrie did, I began to realize, just as she, that he was a man of himself. Full of his art, his ego, and I began to notice how he neglects her. He doesnt seem to understand the full Carrie and her emotions. I think her decision in the end was good for her, because she laughed for the first time in weeks, she was happy, and most of all - she wasnt alone. It seemed as things started to fall together for Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda, Carrie wasnt getting anywhere. They were all afraid of losing friendship, and yet they come together in the end. One cool thing I noticed is that she keeps her "men" stored in her phone with nicknames. It was "Russian" For Aleksandr and "Mr. Big" for, well we learn his true name in last episode, and I'll let you find out for yourself.