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Shadowhunters Preview: Clary Owns Her Power in Season 3 But Is She Strong Enough to Save Jace?

Clary Fray is a woman on a mission when Shadowhunters returns tonight for its third season (Freeform, 8/7c). With everything thats happened to her in the Shadow World, Clary has been changed inherently, Katherine McNamara tells TVLine of her characters journey. Shes gone from this wide-eyed little girl who sees the Shadow World as a []

Shadowhunters' Katherine McNamara Previews Lillith's Reign of Terror

Shadowhunters is finally back for its third season, and the mother of all evil is headed Clary's ( Katherine McNamara ) way. The events of the Season 2 finale left several balls up in the air, one of which was the arrival of Lillith ( Anna Hopkins ), brought out of her hell dimension Edom by Jonathan (   ...Read More...

Shadowhunters Mega Buzz: Clace Could Be Headed for Trouble

Jace ( Dominic Sherwood ) and Clary ( Katherine McNamara ) have had a rough go of it romantically, but it sounds like  Shadowhunters  Season 3 will see them happy together for the first time ever... at least for a while. "This is the first time that the two of them have had a chance to really let their relationship grow and for them to love each other the way they've always wanted to," Katherine McNamara says. "So moving forward, yes you do see a few moments of light romance and a few times where they can actually behave as a couple without dealing with the world ending around them."   ...Read More...

Shadowhunters Premiere Sneak Peek: Will Clary and Jace's Secret Keep Them Together... or Tear Them Apart?

Clary is embarking on an exciting new journey in Shadowhunters third season, but thanks to all of Jaces baggage, she wont be traveling lightly. TVLine has an exclusive sneak peek of next weeks long-awaited premiere (March 20, 8/7c), in which Clary finally becomes an official Shadowhunter. But as youll see in the video above, it []

Shadowhunters Season 3 Promo: Lilith Rises!

A new evil has risen from the depths of hell and this one is the mother of all problems. Prepare yourselves, Shadowhunters fans, this battle is only getting started. Lilith, the dark figure we saw appear at the end of Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 20 , has flown her way out of hell to complete her mission. And, from the looks of her anger, she's not playing around. In the new Shadowhunters Season 3 trailer below, Lilith reveals that she wants to bring her son, Sebastian (aka the real Jonathan Morgenstern), back from the dead.   ...Read More...

Shadowhunters: Lilith's Evil Plans Come to Light in Chilling Season 3 Teaser

  The mother of all demons is on a mission in a chilling new teaser for Season 3 of Shadowhunters . Lilith ( Anna Hopkins ) is determined to resurrect Jonathan and, judging by the firm resolve of her voice, it's probably not a good idea to get in her way. "No one will stop me from bringing my boy back,"   ...Read More...

Shadowhunters: Here's Your First Look at Malec in Season 3!

  Talk about a Valentine's Day miracle! After spending months in a Malec drought, we finally have the first look at Malec in Shadowhunters ' third season, and it's enough to send any shipper straight to their happy place. In this exclusive Season 3 promo, Magnus ( Harry Shum Jr. ) and Alec ( Matthew   ...Read More...

Shadowhunters: Clary and Jace's Future Is Threatened in New Season 3 Promo

Jace and Clarys relationship is about to face its greatest obstacle yet which is saying a lot, considering Jace literally diedin last Augusts finale after spending most of the season thinking he was Clarys brother. Just in time for Valentines Day which, of course, means something entirely different to Shadowhuntersfans TVLine has an []

Shadowhunters: There's Something Wrong with Jace in Season 3 Trailer

There's something wrong with Jace ( Dominic Sherwood ) in the trailer for Season 3 of Shadowhunters . In the preview released on Friday, he's not acting like himself -- blowing off his duties -- and that could mean seious trouble for our heroes. The new season will see him and the rest of the ...Read More...

Shadowhunters Season 3: New Trailer Welcomes the 'Mother of All Demons'

The phrase hell on earth is taking on a whole new meaning in Shadowhunters third season. During Thursdays premiere of Beyond, Freeform aired the first official trailer for the supernatural dramasupcoming third season, which kicks off Tuesday, March 20 at 8/7c. Heres the gist: Lilith (played by Arrows Anna Hopkins), also known fondly as the []