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There May Be Hope for Shadowhunters After All

Ever since Shadowhunters was canceled in early June, fans of the series have been steadfast in their attempts to save their show. Now, it looks like their efforts might not go to waste, if producer Martin Moszkowicz is to be believed. In an interview with Deadline , Moszkowicz said, "We are in ongoing   ...Read More...

Shadowhunters Producer Updates On Future As #SaveShadowhunters Campaign Goes Global

EXCLUSIVE : While it may not be the confirmation Shadowhunters fans are hoping for just yet, producer Martin Moszkowicz tells Deadline discussions are ongoing as to how we can continue to bring Cassandra Clare's vision to television. The series is currently due to end after its 3rd season on Freeform in the U.S. and Netflix internationally with two extra episodes ordered to act as a finale and wrap the story. The expanded 12-episode final season, dubbed Shadowhunters: Th   ...Read More...

Shadowhunters Boss: Fans Will Be Satisfied With Series Finale!

Shadowhunters is done at Freeform. While we've known that news for a few weeks, there has been a lot of speculation about whether the series will have a closure-filled finale or if there will be threads left dangling. Thankfully, executive producer Todd Slavkin hit up Twitter to respond to a fan who was concerned there was not enough time to end the series in a satisfying manner.   ...Read More...

Shadowhunters Cancellation Was Purely Economic, Freeform Exec Says

A day after word came down that Shadowhunters would end its three-season run on Freeform in 2019, the networks head of programming insisted that executives were very happy creatively with the show. The decision to cancel the series was purely economic, said Karey Burke, EVP, Programming and Development, during a media luncheon held today in New York by the Disney-owned network. One key element, Burke explained, was the overall strategic shift at Freeform toward   ...Read More...

The Shadowhunters Cast Is As Devastated As You Are About That Shocking Cancelation

Freeform dropped some devastating news on Monday when it announced that Shadowhunters would end after three seasons. With the show currently in hiatus, the final episodes -- which will be called Shadowhunters: The Final Hunt -- will air in 2019, and the two-hour finale will now serve as the series   ...Read More....

Shadowhunters Cast and Crew React to Cancellation: 'We're as Shocked as You'

Its been a rough 12 hours for Shadowhunters fans reeling from Freeforms decision to end the series prematurely with a two-hour finale event to air in 2019 and it hasnt been any easier for the shows cast and crew. Heres a rundown of reactions from the shows shocked cast and crew: * Katherine McNamara []

'Shadowhunters' Canceled at Freeform, Will End With Two-Hour Finale

'Shadowhunters' has been canceled at Freeform and will end with a supersized finale.   ...Read More...

Shadowhunters Season 3B Will Prove 'Heartbreaking' for Magnus and Alec

Magnus Bane literallywent to hell and back in last weeksShadowhuntersfinale but the torture has only just begun. Its heartbreaking, executive producer Todd Slavkin tells TVLine of Magnus journey following his decision to sacrifice his powers to save Jace. But its also beautiful, because he learns a lot. He learns how to live in the []

Shadowhunters Finale Video: Clary Gets a Sneak Peek of Her Own Fiery Death

Are you ready to watch the hottest scene of Shadowhunters third season? (Trick question: You arenot.) Because when I say hottest, I mean someone is literally burned alive in TVLines exclusive sneak peek of the Freeform dramas two-hour midseason finale (Tuesday, 8/7c). And Clary is forced to watch the entire, scream-y ordeal, as its about []

Shadowhunters Star Reacts to Clary's Fate, [Spoiler]'s Departure and More

Things certainly escalated quickly for Clary on Tuesdays Shadowhunters, didnt they? The last episode before next weeks two-part finale found Clary by way of the Soul Sword confessing to everything shes done in Jaces name since the events of Season 2: Her wish, his revival, Liliths possession.Everything. But just when you thought her []