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Shameless Sneak Peek: Fiona Is Throwing Down with Her Tenant's Girlfriend

  Season 8 of Shameless will be another one of growing up for Fiona ( Emmy Rossum ), but she's gotten a lot better at it. This year she's got an entire apartment building to take care of and she's ready to take charge. In our exclusive look at Fiona in Season 8, she's all for gentrifying her building and   ...Read More... ...

Shameless Mega Buzz: Vee Is Ready to Get Even With Svetlana

Svetlana ( Isidora Goreshter ) pulled a serious fast one on Vee ( Shanola Hampton ) and Kev ( Steve Howey ) last season on  Shameless  -- but don't expect Vee to accept that kind of treatment laying down. When Season 8 premieres, Svetlana still has control of the Alibi, but she's made some decorating changes and Vee and Kev are still out in the cold trying to figure out how to get their bar back. Unfortunately, the legal way doesn't really work since Svetlana tricked them into signing the ownership papers fair and square.   ...Read More...

Shameless Season 8 Trailer: The Gallaghers (Literally) Dig Up the Past

Gallaghers are, generally, not normal humans. Well, thats an understatement and in a newly released trailer for Season 8 of Shameless, the clan proves just how much so. For starters, the frequently drunk-and-high-beyond-words Frank St. Francis goes through a spiritual awakening after smoking his share of Monicas meth. Speaking of drugs, it appears the Gallaghers [] //

Shameless Mega Buzz: Don't Hold Your Breath for Lip and Sierra

Lip ( Jeremy Allen White )  is sober  on this season of  Shameless ,  but does that mean his personal life will get a happy ending? Don't bet on it. After a hot and heavy romance with Sierra (Ruby Modine) last season, the two are remaining close but without any sort of romantic connection. We will be seeing a lot more of Sierra this season, although not necessarily because of her involvement with Lip.   ...Read More... //

Shameless: What Does Sober Lip Look Like in Season 8?

  Shameless is returning and it's going to be a very different season for one Gallagher in particular. Lip ( Jeremy Allen White ) ended Season 7 by checking himself into rehab, and this time he's doing whatever it takes to stick with his sobriety. That means running, knitting and anything that will keep   ...Read More... //

Shameless Season 8: When Does It Premiere?

In 2016, we were graced with not one, but two seasons of Shameless. So, we understand if your 2017 has lacked Shameless. Thankfully, we now know when the series will return, and it's not too far away. November 5th is the big premiere date, and we're already counting down the days.  ...Read More...

Shameless Taps Jessica Szohr to be Fiona's New Bestie

  Fiona ( Emmy Rossum ) is getting a new friend on the next season of Shameless . Jessica Szohr will be joining the Showtime dramedy as a recurring character in Season 8, according to The Hollywood Reporter . The Gossip Girl alum will play Nessa, "a strong, tough and smart lesbian who is a tenant in   ...Read More... //

Emmy Rossum on Directing, Equal Pay and Auditioning in a Bikini | 'Shameless' | Comedy Actress Roundtable

"After it became public it was a very quick resolution," Rossum said of her stalemate contract negotiation.   ...Read More... //

What Should Emmy Rossum Do When Shameless is Over?

Shameless is one of the most popular, relevant, and entertaining television series running today. A great deal of its success can be attributed to its writing and directing. However, fans have fallen in love with the show largely due to the performances of the main cast, led by Emmy Rossum. Rossum, as Fiona, has delivered season after season of powerful, funny, and heart-wrenching performances. With the eighth season approaching, many have wondered whether she will stay on television after the series ends or if she will transition to film. While she could be successful in either industry, her future should be devoted to movies instead of television. Here are a few reasons why this is the better choice: READ MORE...

Reasons Why “Lip” is the Best Character on Shameless

The Showtime Hit "Shameless" is the American version of the British series of the same name. Whether it’s life in the slum across the pond or life on "The South Side" both series have been lauded for their refreshing look at the Gallagher family, who must make it on their own as mom is bipolar and dad is a drunk. Sure, Fiona is in charge most of the time, but Philip Ronan Gallagher (known simply as "Lip") is the second oldest so he has his share of responsibilities. He’s not only cute and funny but he’s a super genius. Here are some reasons why "Lip" is the special favorite of fans of the show "Shameless". READ MORE...