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Interview: Noel Fisher Talks Hatfields & McCoys, Shameless & Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

Recently,  TV Equals  had the great pleasure to chat with consummate character actor Noel Fisher about his upcoming projects which include the History Channel  mini series event "Hatfields & McCoys" starring Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton in which he plays the character of Cotton Top Mounts, an illegitimate son of a Hatfield, the upcoming third season of  Shameless  where he plays the character of Mickey and Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 in which he plays a vampire named Vladimir. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2012/05/24/noel-fisher-interview/  

'Shameless' Season 2 Finale Audience Grows 26 Percent Over Last Year

  Showtime’s big finale night for  Shameless, House of Lies  and  Californication  has the premium cable network celebrating viewership numbers for all three series. With an audience of 1.45 million viewers for the 9 p.m. airing and 2 million total for the night, the second season finale of  William H. Macy -led Shameless  beat its first season-ender by 26 percent and 33 percent for the night. Over eight weeks, Season 2 averages 4.85 million total weekly viewers across all platforms (including On Demand, replays and Live+7), a 29% increase over last season. Shameless ranks as Showtime’s second most-watched show after  Dexter . Read More... //feedproxy.google.com/~r/thr/television/~3/mWT-nrsqVho/shameless-house-of-lies-californication-showtime-finale-ratings-306882

'Shameless' Season 2 finale: Enough drama for the Gallaghers?

After so many fights, suicide attempts, babies and a soap opera's worth of betrayals, Showtime's "Shameless" seemed to end its second season on a more low-key note.Obviously, there were still a few shockers -- Monica once again abandoned her family, and Lip's older businessman tryst partner turned out to be Steve/Jimmy's father -- but those seemed more like everyday drama for the Gallaghers, not the stuff of cliffhanger season finales.Overall, Season 2 seemed like a more emotional season for the perpetually down-on-their-luck Chicago family. Lip's arc especially was pretty heartbreaking, as he continued to let Karen manipulate him (and the kid wasn't even his). And Monica made her late-in-the-season entry into the "messing everything up for her children" sweepstakes in a tragic storyline that ended in her suicide attempt but also gave us plenty more insight into the messed up Gallagher family dynamics.Emmy Rossum once again stood out as the glue that holds her family... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2012/04/shameless-season-2-finale-enough-drama-for-the-gallaghers.html

Shameless (Showtime) “Fiona Interrupted” (Season Finale)

Shameless  "Fiona Interrupted" Season 2 Episode 12 airs Sunday April 1 at 10pm on Showtime. Episode Synopsis : In the Season 2 finale, lonely Frank schemes to break Monica out of the psychiatric facility; Jimmy earns  his way back into Fiona’s good graces and asks her to meet his family; Ian runs into Ned again; Eddie’s insurance check arrives. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2012/04/01/shameless-showtime-fiona-interrupted-season-finale/  

Shameless (Showtime) “Just Like the Pilgrims Intended” Season 2 Episode 11

Shameless  "Just Like the Pilgrims  Intended" Season 2 Episode 11  airs Sunday March 25 at 10pm on Showtime. Episode Synopsis : It’s a typical Gallagher nontraditional Thanksgiving that includes a suicide attempt by Monica, Carl shooting a bald eagle, and Karen going into labor; Steve agrees to allow Estefania’s boyfriend to steal his identity; Lip sleeps with a businessman named Ned; Frank tries to get his share of his mother’s money from his brother Clayton. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2012/03/25/shameless-showtime-just-like-the-pilgrims-intended-season-2-episode-11/  

Shameless (Showtime) “A Great Cause” Season 2 Episode 10

Shameless  "A Great Cause" Season 2 Episode 10 airs Sunday March 18 at 10pm on Showtime. Episode Synopsis : Fiona starts to plan for her future now that Monica is back but her reprieve may be short-lived as Monica falls apart, spends the squirrel fund  and gets arrested; Steve conspires to reunite Estefania with her true love so that he can be with Fiona; Lip and Ian learn the true identity of Mandy’s baby; Sheila takes in a homeless crack  addict. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2012/03/18/shameless-showtime-a-great-cause-season-2-episode-10/  

Shameless (Showtime) “Hurricane Monica” Season 2 Episode 9

Shameless  "Hurricane Monica" Season 2 Episode 9 airs Sunday March 11 at 10pm on Showtime. Episode Synopsis : Monica returns  to party and plot scams with Frank, but the rest of the family suspects she hasn’t returned to stay; Fiona reconsiders her decision to kick Lip out of the  house ; Grammy’s death affects everyone differently, and leaves Frank determined to make sure he gets every last penny his mother left behind; Sheila and Jody think Eddie’s ghost is haunting the house . Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2012/03/11/shameless-showtime-hurricane-monica-season-2-episode-9/  

Shameless (Showtime) “Parenthood” Season 2 Episode 8

Shameless  " Parenthood " Season 2 Episode 8  airs Sunday March 4 at 10pm on Showtime. Episode Synopsis : With Grammy near death, Frank exits the  house  but walks in on Ian and Mickey locked in passion at the Kash and Grab; when Lip drops out of school, Fiona proposes a deal where they both earn their diplomas, but Lip acts out and gets himself expelled when he realizes that Karen plans to sell their baby to the highest bidder. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2012/03/04/shameless-showtime-parenthood-season-2-episode-8/  

Interview: Shameless’ Emma Kenney Aka Debbie Gallagher Talks Upcoming Episodes, Doing Action Scenes and Being “A”

You can choose a lot of things in life. You can choose your pet, your movies, your music and even your friends. But one thing you cannot possibly choose is your family. And no one knows this better than sweet, adorable and always responsible Debbie, played by Emma Kenney, one of the member of "The Gallaghers", the highly disfunctional but always entertaining  family of the hit Showtime series  Shameless  starring Emmy Rossum and William H. Macy. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2012/02/29/emma-kenney-interview/  

'Shameless' Promotes Zach McGowan to Series Regular

Shameless  is holding on to its new hunk for Season 3. A Showtime spokesperson confirms to  The Hollywood Reporter  that  Zach McGowan  has been promoted to a series regular for Season 3.  McGowan plays Jody, the recovering sex addict who has come between Karen ( Laura Wiggins ) and Lip’s ( Jeremy Allen White ) relationship. Read More... //feedproxy.google.com/~r/thr/television/~3/Z_LsgNL9R1Y/shameless-showtime-zach-mcgowan-series-regular-291398