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TV Ratings: '20/20' dominates Friday night with its best numbers in two years

Fast National ratings for Friday, March 30, 2012."20/20" dominated the night and placed ABC in a virtual tie with CBS on Friday night. The fact that the show had Barbara Walters covering the Mega Millions and lottery winners probably didn't hurt. ABC's "Shark Tank," though it was a repeat, tied FOX's "Kitchen Nightmares" at 8 p.m.CBS dominated the second hour with "CSI: NY," beating out "Primetime: What Would You Do?" with 9.8 million as opposed to 4.8 million, though it was a virtual tie in the 18-49 group. "Grimm" trailed behind in the nine o'clock hour with 4.1 million.The final hour of prime time was taken over by "20/20," which was Friday's number one show in the 18-49 age group. This puts ABC in its third straight week of growth. "20/20" was the number one show on Friday night with its highest numbers in two years with adults 18-49 and adults 25-54 since October. ·... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2012/03/tv-ratings-2020-dominates-friday-night-with-its-best-numbers-in-two-years.html

TV Ratings: Lehigh's historic Duke upset good for a CBS win

Fast National ratings for Friday, March 16, 2012 The Friday night NCAA tournament games helped CBS eek out a win, though the numbers were just over half what CBS typically pulls down on a Friday. The end of the huge upset of Lehigh over Duke was the largest hour of the night across any networks, earning 8.4 million viewers, while in the other two hours of primetime, ABC actually beat the basketball games.CBS averaged 6.2 million viewers on its way to a win, with a 3.9 rating/7 share in households. ABC was close behind with original programming, earning an average of 5.8 million viewers and a 3.8/7. NBC followed at 4.08 million viewers, 2.8/5, then FOX at 2.6 million, 1.6/3. The CW trailed at 1.61 million, 1.0/2.The NCAA tournament got a wider margin in the 18-49 adults demographic, winning with an average of 2.2, followed by ABC's 1.5, FOX's 1.1, NBC at 0.8 and the... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2012/03/tv-ratings-lehighs-historic-duke-upset-good-for-a-cbs-win.html

Shark Tank’s Daymond John & Kevin O’Leary Talk Season 3, Shark Fights and The Only Business They Would Never Invest In

Do you have  an idea for a very profitable business? Is that business ready to go  but just needs some funds? Well, my friend, I have two good news for you: 1. There is an ABC series called  Shark Tank  (Airs Fridays at 8|7c) where entrepreneurs such as yourself can go pitch a business idea to a group of investors (aka The Sharks) who, using their own money, can make or break your dream. (For more info, head over to the  Shark Tank official site ). Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2012/03/16/daymond-john-kevin-oleary-interview/  

TV Ratings: 'The Mentalist' helps win Friday for CBS

Fast National ratings for Friday, March 9, 2012 Another Friday, another win for CBS. The network even shook up its rock-solid lineup by airing "The Mentalist" in the place of "A Gifted Man," but ratings were as big as ever for a Friday. Though slightly down from its usual Thursday night slot, "The Mentalist" settled in nicely between "Undercover Boss" and "Blue Bloods."CBS pulled in an average of 11 million viewers (6.9 rating/12 share) to handily win Friday. NBC came in a distant second with 5 million viewers (3.4/6), ABC wil 4.7 million (3.1/5), FOX with 2.8 million (1.8/3) and The CW bringing up the rear with 1.1 million (0.8/1).CBS also managed to dominate in the adults 18-49 demographic, pulling in a 2.0 rating and 6 share that bested ABC's 1.4/4, NBC's 1.3/4, FOX's 1.1/3 and The CW's 0.4/1. Friday hour by hour: 8 p.m. CBS: "Undercover Boss" (10.0 million, 6.2/11) ABC: "Shark Tank" (5.4... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2012/03/tv-ratings-the-mentalist-helps-win-friday-for-cbs.html

Shark Tank Season 3 Episode 8

Shark Tank  Season 3 Episode 8  airs tonight Friday, March 9 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television  Network. Unique body jewelry created by two San Francisco-based sisters has already found a celebrity following; now they want the Sharks to get on board. A father from Bristol, PA claims that his movable training apparatus is the only device that simulates a closeout basketball defender. Four brothers from St. Petersburg, FL hope to welcome the Sharks to their family with their organic skincare product. A man from Calabasas, CA hopes the Sharks will welcome experience over youth and buy into his Rent-A-Grandma business. Also, a follow up story from Season One’s Pork Barrel BBQ and their owners, Heath Hall and Brett Thompson from Alexandria, VA, after making a deal with Barbara, on "Shark Tank," FRIDAY, MARCH 9 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2012/03/09/shark-tank-season-3-episode-8/  

Shark Tank Season 3 Episode 5

Shark Tank  Season 3 Episode 6 airs tonight FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABCTelevision Network. The Sharks tear into the  business idea of a Phoenix, AZ man who wants them to invest in a watch he claims provides health benefits; a stay-at-home mom from Gilbert, AZ could lose her gourmet pretzel business if she leaves the Tank without an investor; a man from Bozeman, MT with a no-tools-required furniture system hopes he can assemble a deal; and an inventor from Fullerton, CA has a small but powerful idea that could make him a millionaire. Also, Johnson Barley from Broken Arrow, OK, whose Original Man Candle did not spark a deal with the Sharks in Season Two, talks about his business since his appearance, on "Shark Tank," FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABCTelevision Network. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2012/02/24/shark-tank-season-3-episode-5/

TV Ratings: Whitney Houston '20/20' special gives ABC demo win, CBS wins viewers

Fast National ratings for Friday, Feb. 17, 2011CBS won Friday night on the back of its new programming, though ABC's special edition of "20/20" that was all about the life of Whitney Houston also scored well in the ratings.CBS averaged 10.3 million viewers and a 6.5 rating/11 share in households. ABC was right behind with 7.1 million viewers and a 4.6/8. NBC was third at 3.4 million, 2.3/4, followed by FOX at 3.05 million and a 1.9/3 and the CW at 1.6 million, 1.0/2ABC won the 18-49 demographic with a 1.9, followed by CBS (1.8), FOX (1.2), NBC (0.9) and the CW (0.6). Friday hour by hour: 8 p.m. CBS: "Undercover Boss" (10.7 million, 6.7/12) ABC: "Shark Tank" (5.7 million, 3.4/6) NBC: NAACP Image Awards (2.8 million, 2.0/3) FOX: "Kitchen Nightmares" (3.1 million, 1.9/3) The CW: "Nikita" (1.6 million, 1.0/2) 18-49 leader: "Undercover Boss" (2.4) 9 p.m. CBS: "A Gifted Man" (9.5 million, 6.1/10)ABC: "20/20"... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2012/02/tv-ratings-whitney-houston-2020-special-gives-abc-demo-win-cbs-wins-viewers.html

Pat McCarthy Makes It Rain Money On 'Shark Tank'

Pat McCarthy had the perfect pitch for the sharks circling in the " Shark Tank " (Fri., 8 p.m. EST on ABC). As part of his attempt to get some financial backing for his Money fragrance, he came in under a shower of cold hard cash -- well not hard per se as it was bills and not change. The sharks were certainly impressed with that presentation, and were even willing to witness the wonderful smell of money. They have emotional attachments to money and love the smell of it. But did they love the smell of his Money fragrance? Barbara Corcoran seemed to think the smell too overpowering, but mostly they were concerned about the competitive perfume market. The cost of penetration into the big department stores they calculated at more than a million, and they weren't confident this product could get there. Daymond John liked the idea of licensing the name and put an aggressive offer of $100,000 for an 80% stake in the company. But it was the only offer McCarthy would see, as the other Sharks all backed out. In the end, McCarthy couldn't part with control of the company and so he walked away with nothing. Money talks, but control talked louder for McCarthy. See which products are spotlighted next on "Shark Tank," Fridays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC. TV Replay scours the vast television landscape to find the most interesting, amusing, and, on a good day, amazing moments, and delivers them right to your browser. //feeds.huffingtonpost.com/~r/HP/Entertainment/~3/sOFdpJOTGgM/shark-tank-pat-mccarthy-pitches-money-fragrance-video_n_1256509.html