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'Shark Week': Attack of the Andy Samberg (Video)

Saturday Night Live’s  Andy Samberg  is the official Chief Shark Officer for Discovery Channel’s 24 th  annual  Shark Week . On Thursday, the actor and comedian tests the limits of his position when he hosts  Shark City premiering tonight at 9 p.m. The special takes an up close look at the sharks of the Bahamas through their days and nights to find out how they size each other up, what they like to eat and what it is that they're afraid of. All the while, Samberg lends his unique and hilarious perspective on the findings. //

'Shark Week' Debut Night Makes a Splash in the Ratings

Discovery Channel’s yearly ode to the killer predator,  Shark Week , made a splash with more than 6 million viewers to its Sunday night premieres. Great White Invasion , which kicked off the week's programming at 9 p.m., attracted 3.3 million total viewers. It was the No. 3 primetime cable program that evening among adults 18-49. The second premiere of the night,  Jaws Come Home , at 10 p.m. was watched by 3 million viewers. It earned the No. 1 spot among primetime cable programs on Sunday among adults 18-49 and Males 18-34. Read More... //

Shark Week Producer Jeff Kurr Talks Frisky Sharks And The 'Great White Invasion'

Jeff Kurr knows a thing or two about sharks. During his two-plus decades with Discovery Channel's Shark Week, the LA-based filmmaker has captured some of the most ground-breaking and dazzling footage of these feared creatures of the sea. This year, Kurr focuses his attention on the great white shark's return to our shallow waters and sandy beaches in "Great White Invasion." To get psyched for Shark Week 2011, we sat down with Kurr to discuss all things cautious sharks, endangered sharks, and even a few frisky sharks. Read More... //

'Shark Week' Hosted By 'Saturday Night Live's' Andy Samberg: The Full Schedule (Video)

It’s almost here, Discovery Channel’s yearly celebration of the ocean’s most feared predator:  Shark Week . It’s seven days of toothy grins, gorgeous ocean footage and programs that will both debunk and prove all what we know about the animal. Saturday Night Live’s  Andy Samberg  plays the 24 th  Annual  Shark Week’s  Chief Shark Officer. He’s featured in  Shark City , which airs Thursday, Aug. 4, in which he’ll give his unique take as the special takes a close look at the sharks that swim Bahama’s waters. Read More... //

Shark Week! Discovery (and Andy Samberg) chomp down in July

The Discovery Channel will dive into its 24th annual Shark Week on July 31 -- with a little help from "Saturday Night Live" regular Andy Samberg.Samberg has been named Discovery's Chief Shark Officer for the programming stunt and will star in a special called "Shark City." He'll go diving in the Bahamas with a group of sharks that live off the coast of Nassau and assess each fish's quirks and feeding patterns.New shows on tap for Shark Week 2011 are "Great White Invasion," about the seeming increase of great white shark sightings in coastal waters in Australia, South Africa and the United States; and "Jaws Comes Home," in which five great whites are tagged and followed on a 1,200-mile trip up and down the East Coast.Other shows include a special featuring "Dual Survival" stars Dave Canterbury and Cody Lundin; separate investigations of waves of shark attacks in South Africa in 1957 and Australia in 2009;... //

Craig Ferguson to Host Shark Week

Scotland native Craig Ferguson has never been shy about diving head-first into American traditions. Ferguson made his quest for U.S. citizenship a part of his 'Late Late Show' (he became an official citizen in 2008), and begins his nightly monologue with the phrase, "It's a great day for America." On last night's show, Ferguson announced he will host Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, another fine American tradition in which, for one week, the country turns its attention to those relentless beasts from the briny deep. Beasts like Brian, the (puppet) shark who made the official announcement on this video from last night's show. The foul-mouthed Brian also enjoys Shark Week, and presumably other programming featuring sharks. Brain called upon all of his friends to attack when Ferguson swims with sharks in the Bahamas as part of his hosting duties. The 23rd edition of Shark Week starts August 1 on the Discovery Channel. Source & Video

Shark Week is Here!

Shark Week has begun! Discovery Channel's fantastic shark-filled week is running all week including sharky specials with MythBusters , Dirty Jobs and Survivorman . Here's a clip of Mythbusters dealing with some Shark Myths.

Getting Ready For Shark Week: Shark Yourself

For some pointless fun, check out Discovery Channel's Shark Yourself Application: Shark Yourself You can view the author of this post in shark form here . Shark Week runs on the Discovery Channel from July 27-August 2. via PopCandy

Just 1 Short Month Until Shark Week!

"Live every week like it's Shark Week." So says Tracy Jordan on 30 Rock . At any rate, Discovery Channel has announced the schedule for this year's Shark Week, which will air July 27 to August 2nd. Sunday through Friday programming will run from 7 p.m. till midnight ET/PT. Saturday programming will run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. ET/PT. This year's Shark Week will be hosted by Les Stroud (Survivorman), Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs) and the Mythbusters team of Adam Savage and Jamie Hyman. The week will also kick off with a special shark-themed Mythbusters on July 27th at 9PM. TV Squad does a good rundown of the other Shark Week programs, which can be read here .