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Personally I really don't like this show all that much,I guess it just doesn't "fit" my preferences.But when you read the description and you like the idea I suggest you watch an episode.

Shark Review on by Rachel Thomas

I'll be honest, I really wasn't sure if I could handle yet another legal drama, so going into this I was a bit skeptical. Not only was I completely wrong, I was hooked. Shark is smart, funny and without a doubt, the House of the legal world. Sebastian Stark is the guy you love to hate, but his multi-dimensional character shows as much arrogance as it does vulnerability. It's too soon to tell how Stark's staff will compliment his brash personality, but I'll lay odds that each character has been specifically chosen to challenge each aspect of Stark's strengths and weaknesses. - Excerpt from Rachel Thomas' "Shark Review: Is it Worth Your Precious Viewing Time?" ,