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‘Sherlock’ Recap: “The Final Problem” – Torture or Vivisection?

The most striking moment of Sherlock’s Season 4 finale, "The Final Problem," came in its final moments. There, from beyond the grave (again), Mary calls Sherlock and Watson her "Baker Street Boys" and details the legends, the stories, and the adventures of "the junky who solves crimes to get high, and the doctor who never came home from the war." Oh would that it were anymore, Mary, would that it were! But now, Sherlock has become twisted, torturous, and emotionally manipulative in a way that, to quote Sherlock himself, is akin to vivisection. "The Final Problem" gave us the "missing" Holmes sibling Eurus, who is apparently the very soul of evil. Mostly it’s because Sherlock wouldn’t play with her when she wanted him to, which again makes all of her brilliance (detailed by Mycroft) unimportant, as everything only matters or has meaning in relation to Sherlock. Even his poor childhood best friend Victor — a child his sister brutally murdered — exists only as a point of manipulation, which John Watson gets subbed in for (of course, the Holmeses love torturing him). Victor even gets replaced as a dog in Sherlock’s mind palace. The indignity! READ MORE...

Sherlock Review: The Final Problem

Well, wow. Sherlock Season 4 Episode 3 was intense. There were a lot of revelations, twists and callbacks, and it was one of the best character studies this show has offered to date. Again, there were fantastic performances from all involved. That said, Euros' story, or the execution of it, might have been too much for Sherlock 's own good. The plot itself left us as many questions as it did answers, which makes it much less satisfying than if it had been a simpler but more compact story. ...Read More...

Sherlock Season 4 Finale Recap: You're Invited to Family Game Night

Need to catch up? Check out the previous Sherlock recap here. We never thought wed see another evil genius torture Sherlock like Moriarty did but then again, no one can torture you quite like family. Sherlocks Season 4 finale, The Final Problem, followed up on last weeks shocking arrival of Sherlock Holmes long-lost sister Eurus, [] //

Sherlock Season Finale Recap: The East Wind

"The Final Problem" barely resembles Sherlock as we know it.   ...Read More... //

‘Sherlock’ Recap: “The Lying Detective” – Merrily Manipulating John Watson

If Sherlock’s second episode of the season "The Lying Detective," made us sure of anything, it’s that only Sherlock matters. That’s not terrible. Benedict Cumberbatch is outstanding, and in an episode like this one he was at peak performance. Sherlock once again played with his drug addiction to manipulate those around him, and got the desired results, showing how much of a pawn everyone is in his life. This is particularly true of John Watson, who was not only manipulated again by Sherlock, but also by his deceased wife, and the missing Holmes sibling. Further, the episode all hinged on him being a terrible doctor and letting Sherlock’s addiction rage out of control. At this point I think the estate of Arthur Conan Doyle could sue for defamation on behalf of Watson. READ MORE...

Sherlock Recap: The Show's Nastiest Villain Yet and a Sibling Stunner

Well, co-creator Steven Moffat called Sundays Sherlock the darkest one weve ever done and he wasnt kidding, was he? Season 4s second episode, The Lying Detective, got incredibly grim at times, thanks to philanthropist-turned-killer Culverton Smith, played by Toby Jones. But it also gave us a much-needed truce between Sherlock and John after last weeks [] //

Sherlock Review: The Lying Detective

Well, this was a mind-trip. Sherlock Season 4 Episode 2 made my head spin, and I loved it. The uncertainties, twists and turns made for a packed and intriguing episode. The writing was fascinating, in the way that it made every single thing questionable. One of the repeated motifs in this episode was "it is what it is," but really, nothing was what it was. ...Read More...

Sherlock Recap: A Sick Man

"The Lying Detective" brings fun back to Baker Street. ...Read More... //

Sherlock Season Premiere Recap: An Appointment in Samarra

"The Six Thatchers" isn't much of a mystery, but it's certainly shocking. ...Read More... //

Sherlock Season 4 Episode 1 Review: The Six Thatchers

Well, the wait is over, and the game is once again on for our favorite high-functioning sociopath. After a two year cliffhanger, Sherlock Season 4 Episode 1 returns in fine form, with mystery, action, humor, the character development we have come to expect from Sherlock, and a few heart-wrenching surprises. After the excessively convoluted and exhausting mind-trip that was The Abominable Bride, I was quite happy to see Sherlock return to form with an elegantly told mystery. The mystery of the six Thatchers ran deep and complex, but was still intriguing and quite fun to follow. ...Read More...