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Shiki - Season 1 - Episode 6 - Review: "Episode 6"

Shiki continues to be the kind of horror series that seriously delights and thrills. With curious and intriguing shifts between scenes, a definite creeping horror and a lot of uncertainty as to what's going on, there is a lot to like here as various people try to understand it all. With the increasing number of deaths, more and more evidence is there that something disturbing is happening, but people are still hiding the deaths or covering them up for various reasons. And some deaths, or impending deaths, are impacting families more than others which only serves to agitate many. The tensions are riding high in the medical community as well as they're trying to find a logical scientific reason for everything happening when the reality seems to be something very different. Lots of little things get explored in this episode. The revelation that people are moving out is not terribly surprising considering the deaths occurring, but that they're moving without submitting changes of addresses is. This strikes hard at Toshio as we see a bit of his past as a next generation doctor who has the burdens placed on him by his father with the need to protect the village, the responsibility and honor of the family name. The stresses he's under become clearer through this, though there are obviously plenty considering his basic nature as a doctor and what he's coping with as the epidemic is becoming more widespread with no real commonality found at all yet. Toshio's story, though minimal in that revelation, becomes much broader and personal because of it. Read More Click Me!